Missed On Our Gaydar: Ally Week, Spirit Day, Zachary Quinto Came Out

Missed On Our GaydarAlly Week

It’s Ally Week this week! We are incredibly thankful to all of our allies in the LGBT community. Thank you for loving us, for supporting us, and for fighting with us for our rights.

Thousands of students in the US and 9 countries pledged to be allies to anti-gay bullying.

Students on Prairie university campuses push for gender-neutral restrooms .

A thank you to veteran pop star Cliff Richard who says he supports gay marriage

Spirit Day

Did you wear purple on Spirit Day?

Gay geeks: Did you noticed Mashable’s flashy and controversial headline involving Facebook’s participation in Spirit Day?

Making Progress

Zachary Quinto came out of the closet, citing teen’s death for his decision.

An excellent article on why we come out, inspired by Zachary Quinto’s coming out.

Last one, we promise: Also inspired by Zachary Quinto’s coming out, ABC news anchor Dan Kloeffler came out of the closet.

Are you a gay geek? If so, you might find the gay agenda at NY Comic Con interesting.

San Diego State will be the first California State University to offer LGBT Studies as a major. A sign that the job market is improving? We think so.

Even top law firms are adopting gay rights as a cause!

Washington released names of those who petitioned for anti-gay rights.

The Department of Defense has allowed Chief Warrant Officer Charlie Morgan of the New Hampshire National Guard to attend a federal family event with her partner.

Action Needed

Help Bilerico with their research on social media and the LGBT community.

Gay students still go through hell in schools.

Evidence #1? An anti-gay teacher from New Jersey posted a comment on Facebook comparing gay to cancer.

Bad Press

We usually don’t like to report these things as we can see it being used to promote the crazy “Gays want to make everyone gay ‘agenda'” by the homophobes, but sometimes we just have to. We in the LGBT community are just like everyone else in the larger heterosexual community; there’s good and bad in everyone, no matter what your gender and sexual orientation.

A lesbian babysitter is guilty of sexually abusing a 14-year old girl

Joke of the Week

Three coworkers were discussing politics at a bar. One was gay, and two were straight. The straight white man asks, “So what kind of an agenda do homophobes think gay people have?”

The gay female responds, “Oh, you know, the usual: They think we’re trying to make everyone else gay. The oh no, the gays are taking over the world and tempting us all to sin! type of thing.”

The straight white man puts down his glass and asks, “You mean to say that’s not true? I know for a fact that Blacks have been trying to turn everyone else black for years!”

The straight black woman then say, “Yeah, it’s true: the evidence is in the tanning salons.”

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