Fight for Foxy: Bring Her Murderer to Justice

Tamale on the left   Foxy on the right

Tamale on the left Foxy on the right

Everyone, we recently lost an amazing ally and a friend and we need your help to bring her murderer to justice.  Lisa (Foxy Goat to her friends) was murdered in her home last weekend.  Foxy was a truly special person and this is a devastating loss to not only our community, but many others as well.  Her vivacious personality was so amazing that she positively impacted everyone, even those who may have only seen her from afar.  She lived her life in a way that gave others permission to be themselves and every aspect of her life reflected this love and acceptance.

I loved her dearly.  She was one of the most self-expressed, loving, accepting, and hilarious people I have ever known (and THAT is saying something).  She had a standing invitation to ride on the back of my motorcycle in the pride parade every year and we always made the news.  She would spin a parasol and ham it up with me for over a million people.  We were like two gothic princess cupcakes on a bike- a crowd favorite.  She was a regular at events like the Ties and Tassles burlesque shows, and events at the 1901 Gallery.  A talented artist, Foxy created truly unique work and had an incredible sense of humor that carried though to everything she created.

She had a way of cheerfully bolstering everyone around her, living her life like a stranger was a friend she hadn’t met yet.  She was a dear person and a close friend.  Please, join us in bringing her murderer to justice by:

  1. Supporting the reward fund at If her site does not show up immediately, search for Lisa Koziol-Ellis.
  2. Sharing this with your friends. Someone knows something.  Your share may be the connection that has someone come forward.

Thank you for joining us in honoring her life and bringing her murderer to justice.

– Tamale

Website for centralized information:

Website for reward funding:

Articles on her death:

*   Lisa Koziol-Ellis Reward: Friends And Family Of Murdered Elgin Artist Offering $15,000 For Info On Killer
*   Husband of murdered Elgin woman announces reward
*   Lisa Koziol-Ellis, Elgin Artist, Fatally Stabbed Inside Her Suburban Home
*   Coroner: Elgin woman died of multiple stab wounds
*   Jewelry artist’s stabbing death puzzles Elgin police
*   Artist, Performer and Ally Lisa Koziol-Ellis (AKA “Foxy Goat”) Found Murdered

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Article reviewed and approved by the family, then submitted with their permission by Tamale.

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