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girlbandtributeI have been wildly entertained by Girlband on a number of occasions. They are fun. They have fun while providing solid entertainment for their lucky audience. The eclectic mix of talent that makes up GIRLBAND provides a unique sound and vibe that is becoming an integral part of the local music scene. These ladies are going to rock a blast from the past with a Fleetwood Mac Tribute night at Parlour on Clark on March 23rd – and I have a feeling it will be a night to

I asked Jackie Rada and Maggie Mitchell (2 members of the band) to interview each other for The L Stop – and this is what they did…..

Maggie: Do you prefer 70’s Stevie or 80’s Stevie?
Jackie: Such a tough, tough, question. It all comes down to the hair. I think I am digging the big bangs and the perm. Let’s go with 80’s Stevie. Not to mention, you cannot deny a duet with Don Henley.

J: How about you?
M: 80’s, no question. With the 80’s came the huge hair. Voice AND hair- bonus!

M: Who is your favorite Fleetwood Mac band member?
J: Obviously, as a pianist, I must go with Christine McVie. I like her because she seems to be the most chill of the group. After going through all the drama of Fleetwood Mac for 25 years (a few affairs here, a few breakups there), Christine just retired. No more reunion tours, no more pop music. “I am Christine McVie, and I am too good to go on those silly reunion tours. I would rather stay in England and be all proper.” That’s how I imagine her inner dialogue (please use a British accent). Let’s not forget, her birth name is “Anne C. Perfect.” I mean, that pretty much explains it all.

M: And how about your favorite song?
J: My favorite Fleetwood Mac song has a personal attachment to it and is one of the hidden gems of the band. Originally recorded by Buckingham/Nicks, the song “Crystal” has evolved with each era of Stevie Nicks’ life. She has recorded it with her lover, with her band, and then later in her life as a solo project. My dad introduced me to this song when I was in high school, shortly after my parent’s divorce. We sat on the floor and listened to all his favorite songs. Since then, “Crystal” has become one of my favorites. I have also grown a fondness for sitting on the floor while listening to music!

J: Have you enjoyed the experience of putting together a tribute night?
M: Yes, immensely. Unexpectedly, the actress/performer in me has really enjoyed the process around it. We picked a band rich in history, talent, diversity and relationship, thus I’ve gotten a lot out of learning about the band’s history, reading the interviews and studying the videos. It’s an honor to portray Christine McVie. She has such a different vibe than my normal performance, and I’m digging that.

J: Will we do more tributes?
M: I hope so. This has been a great opportunity for the band to expand its horizons and as it turns out, we’re kinda good at it! We’ve put together a solid show, collaborated with other singers, learned all new music and everyone is really excited for this performance. Also, seeing people’s very positive reactions to a tribute night has been awesome. GIRLBAND obviously thinks it’s a great idea, but to hear other people say “Oh, I love FM,” or “This is going to be so much fun,” or “How cool that you are doing that,” …that’s the feedback that really makes me know we’re on the right track. GIRLBAND really cares about quality entertainment and people enjoying themselves, and it seems this is going to be a big success! (We’re almost sold out!) Plus, I really want Cher, Dolly and Madonna on the same stage…can we say Diva’s tribute?

M: Do you think you can compare GIRLBAND to Fleetwood Mac?
J: Janet, our drummer, looks and acts like Mick Fleetwood. She has bug eyes, a white Santa Claus beard and a giant bald spot. She’s also had several affairs with our lead singer. Don’t tell anyone.

In all seriousness, GIRLBAND has an incredibly eclectic background. What made Fleetwood Mac so successful? It was the collaboration of so many different and dynamic characters. Lindsey was talented and crazy, Stevie was mystical and mysterious, Christine was so laid back in all her grooves. I like to think GIRLBAND also has these personalities on stage!

J: What makes GIRLBAND the new “it” band?-
M: As Jackie mentioned, much like FM, we are a dynamic group of musicians and we love to have FUN! The world needs more FUN!… and we’re happy to be the FUN ambassadors. Also, we genuinely like each other and work well together and that does matter. We each lend a very important musical and business role to the process that is GIRLBAND. Seriously, we have SEVEN women on the same stage and a beautifully cohesive performance, show and connection with our audience…Who runs the world?…GIRLS!

We are after all “Like a sweatband …for your soul!”

GIRLBAND – March 23, show at 9 pm (doors at 8 pm) at Parlour on Clark Tickets online for $7 or at the door for $10

GIRLBAND has played for NYE at DS Tequila, Backlot Bash, Elbo Room and Cubby Bear

Future gigs: April 25th – Ladies Night at US Cellular Field at The Plaza at US Cellular Field, Market Days on Aug 10th – and many more to be announced soon!!

Jaclyn Rada on keys / Janet Cramer on drums / Sheela Reddy on bass / Kelli Ann Lotrich on acoustic guitar 

Vocals: Maggie Mitchell as Christine McVie / Meghan Sovell (from Hot Mess) as Lindsey Buckingham / Kelli Ann Lotrich (from Who Knew) as Stevie Nicks

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