Top Five Reasons to See a Dance Show this Valentine’s Day

DanceThere are so many choices for Valentine’s Day celebrations: candlelight dinners, a movie, a night in with a bottle of wine and a deck of cards…. The possibilities are virtually endless. But maybe you’re craving something new and different this year? My win-win for a romantic night out is to see a dance concert. Chicago has become a city that routinely presents world-class dance companies from around the world, and is teeming with small and medium-sized homegrown companies that can certainly hold their own. Dance is sometimes overlooked as an option for a fun night on the town, so in case I haven’t yet convinced you, here are my top five reasons why YOU should your date to see a dance show this Valentine’s Day:

1. Dancers are gorgeous. Let’s face it: valentine or no valentine, watching a bunch of scantily clad 20-somethings who work out continuously isn’t a bad way to spend an evening. Even if you don’t understand anything going on onstage, it’s hard not to appreciate and enjoy the sheer beauty and athleticism taking place during the performance.

2. Dance shows take place in dark theatres. Similar to going to a movie, a dark room and a good-looking woman to your left is always a good combination. But since food typically isn’t allowed at a dance venue, the stakes are even higher. Nothing kills the romance like old Coca Cola and bubble gum sticking to the bottom of your shoes.

3. Patrons of the arts are sexy. Cultured, intelligent, alluring, and generous. People who frequent arts-related events are more attractive simply by nature. Ok, that might be slightly subjective on my part, but I’ve watched sports a couple times. Not that there’s anything wrong with wearing a brightly colored Mohawk, painting your face blue and sloshing beer in the air while you scream at the top of your lungs… I’m just saying that when it comes to the expectation of romance and I have a choice between a super fan and a patron of the arts, the patron wins.

4. Dance shows are affordable. For $10 to $20 you can see some of the best local dance the city has to offer. Even the world-class companies that visit our big venues have affordable seats that are as low as $25 a piece. Take the CTA and you’ve got yourself a romantic date for less that $60. You can’t even go bowling for less than $60.

5. Dance is a great conversation starter. Since the show you just saw was so inexpensive, you’ve got a bit of extra cash to grab a drink after the show. Dance is a subjective art form, and every person in the audience may get something different about what they just saw. That gives you something to talk about while you’re mulling over your whiskey sour wondering how to get this girl to come home with you. And, have I mentioned that patrons of the arts are sexy?

Convinced? Here are a few options you can choose from on and around the holiday of love:

Feb 13-17: The Joffrey Ballet “American Legends”, Auditorium Theatre ($31-152)
Feb 14: Dances from the Heart, Athenaeum Theatre ($22-30)
Feb 15-17: They’re Mending the Great Forest Highway, Links Hall ($10-15)
Feb 14-16: zoe | juniper, Dance Center of Columbia College ($26)
Feb 16: Thodos Dance Chicago “A Light in the Dark”, North Shore Center for the Performing Arts ($36-46)

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    Posted by Vivian | February 13, 2013, 9:33 am

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