Baby got bust

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This post is dedicated to the chesties, the busties, the booby mcboobertins who love their knockers but would prefer to control the movement of their fun bags while out in public.  From one busty lady to another you can trust me; I’ve been shopping for bras since the 5th grade and now that I’m 30, I’ve learned a thing or two about taming ta-ta’s.

Bra shopping is like swimsuit shopping is like jeans shopping, it’s painfully arduous and requires alcohol.  I love my boobs but sometimes I get so fed up with trying to fit them nicely into clothing that I wish I had a cosmetic surgeon on speed dial.  I see a lot of busty women wearing sports bras during non sporty events for this exact reason; boobs get in the way!  They bust open button up shirts, they say hi before your smile has a chance to and they bounce up and down during a light stroll down the street.

Sports bras provide a good remedy to the aforementioned problems, however there is another option: minimizer bras.  A minimizer bra gives the appearance of reducing the projection of the wearer’s breasts. This allows the woman to more easily wear front-button shirts and blouses without gaping.

A minimizer bra works by designing a cup that distributes the breast flesh more towards the underarm and the center front to reduce your breast protrusion. A minimizer only shifts the mass in areas other than directly in front. No bra can actually reduce breast size, (for more detailed info, visit

In other words, minimizer bras smoosh, separate and lift by “redistributing the breast tissue”.  My friend Juny and I have discussed our boob size at great length; we both love to wear button up shirts and men’s inspired clothing but our boobs have presented a challenge in pulling off that look.  Juny usually wears a sports bra but I wanted to show her what I was talking about when I mentioned the minimizer bra option, so I took her bra shopping.

I chose Kohl’s because the bra selection is insane and most of the bras are under $40.  To put this figure into perspective, last week I tried on a bra at Intimacy (a shop at 900 N Michigan Avenue) that costs $160.

Before we left for the bra shopping adventure we went on the Her Room website   and used their easy 3 step process to figure out Juny’s correct bra size.  I highly recommend grabbing a measuring tape and getting to know your measurements, this will make shopping much less stressful.  Put simply, it entails measuring below your boobs, measuring the heartiest part of your breasts and then using an easy calculation and voila, you have your bra size!  If you’d like to leave measuring in the hands of an expert you can visit Nordstrom’s Lingerie Department, Victoria’s Secret, Frederick’s of Hollywood, or another specialty lingerie shop, where a friendly and helpful employee will measure for you.

Similar to buying jeans or swimsuits, your calculated bra size acts more as a starting point than the end-all be-all.  Juny took a lot of bras into the dressing room, we started by grabbing her exact bra size and then as she tried them on we went up and down in cup and band size for each bra.  Every brand fits a little differently so have patience and don’t stop trying until you’ve found the perfect fit. It’s completely normal for your boobs to not be equal in size as well…fit the bra to the larger one!

Ultimately the time and hard work paid off and we found two minimizer bras that fit Juny perfectly, felt comfortable and looked great under button up shirts.

Example #1, Juny is wearing a sports bra under a pink button up shirt:

Here, Juny is wearing a minimizer bra under the same shirt:

As you can see, the minimizer bra makes the breasts much more subtle under the shirt.

Example #2, Juny then tried on another button up shirt with her sports bra:

And then the same shirt with her second favorite minimizer bra:

The minimizer bra actually did a better job of smooshing Juny’s breasts under the shirts, which is generally the goal when wearing a sports bra.  Also, her breasts appear more lifted and separated.  When you’re looking for a more polished, dressed up look, or if you’ve been having problems rocking men’s inspired clothing i.e. the 3 piece suit, I highly recommend taking a minimizer bra for a spin…your boobs will thank you.

Tailored Tomboy
Tailored Tomboy is a personal styling / personal shopping service, they’d be happy to take you bra shopping should you need assistance.  Please check out their facebook page for contact information and details


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