Missed On Our Gaydar

Missed On Our GaydarIn the Gayborhood
There was a fire near 800 W Cornelia this past weekend. The Caribou Coffee on Halsted and Cornelia are taking donations for the fire victims. Please donate!

Making Progress
Nebraska Supreme Court ruled that a lesbian mom can seek custody of a child shared with the birth mother!

Needs Action
As you may know, I sometimes lead the safe sex street outreach with Howard Brown on weekends. I get a lot of “I’ve been with my partner for x number of years, we don’t use condoms, thanks.” responses from older couples. Well, guess what? Older couples are at risk of contacting STDs too.

Well, shit, luckily Irene was a “disappointment” to New Yorkers because NYC failed LGBT youth during the hurricane.

Taxpayer money was used to fight gay marriage in Iowa. If we lived in Iowa, I know we’d be so angry! Not everyone is against Iowa.

Sasha Mallory was criticized for not being out on So You Think You Can Dance? As members of the LGBTQIA community, I think that we need to stick together and support those who didn’t feel it was their best interest to come out.

A Canadian study shows that gay couples and single parents are more likely to face discrimination when house-hunting.

In Other News
HRC’s Joe Solmonese resigned.

NSFW pictures of anti-gay Puerto Rican Senator Roberto Arango were found on Grindr, prompting him to resign over “lost weight” photos.

Fun Stuff
Because sometimes we need to just laugh at the crazy ridiculousness of it all to get by: The Six Worst Excuses by Anti-Gay Public Figures Caught Doing (Allegedly) Gay Things, courtesy of New York Magazine.

Have you heard of Dildo Sport? (NSFW video).

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