Midsommarfest 2011

Midsommarfest 2011 If you missed Midsommarfest this year here’s a quick peek into what the festival had in store for its 50,000+ attendants. Midsommarfest takes place on Clark Street from Foster to Catalpa for two days of music, dancing, kids’ entertainment, and delicious food. Some photography by Sam Hamilton.

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Yes, Molly, we will lick your lolli.


Over 50,000+ attendants go to Midsommarfest every year.

The L Stop

The L Stop team and volunteers hit the festival hard, handing out buttons and flyers.


Dudes in 80s monster ballad hair, always a good decision.

Midsommarfest groups.

Midsommarfest's best kept secret? Hot women.

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