Meet LezBeOnTalk’s Marissa Farina!

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Marissa Farina entertains and educates her YouTube audience on LGBT issues through laughter and thought!

Once a pair, now a solo act, Marissa has emerged as one of today’s most prominent gay figures within the ever growing world of YouTube. Her videos have attracted over 64,000 subscribers to date with 6.3 million video views and she has produced over 100 videos covering every sort of queer and sapphic topic imaginable. From the funny to the serious, you can no doubt expect Marissa has something to say about it!


Here is my conversation with Marissa Farina:

So what made you want to start your channel?

I first and foremost wanted to create a space on YouTube that spoke to other LGBT people and other young people who were coming out. I wanted the channel to talk about different topics, answer questions and be a place that spoke to common issues many lesbians face. I started it with my ex girlfriend, Heather and it became a very fun thing for us as it developed and we started getting an audience. The positive messages we have received really made it all worth it. We would try to respond back to people’s questions and messages and connect to our audience by consistently making new videos.

What other initiatives have you branched off from through the channel’s success?

We developed an e-commerce website, where I designed clothes that supported our brand. It has received a great response!

When did you come out as lesbian?

I came out at age 16. It wasn’t always easy on everybody in my life but I have had a good amount of support.

What is your day job?

I work as an assistant buyer within the fashion industry.

How did you find yourself becoming rated Shewired’s #2 most eligible woman?

I was originally contacted and asked if I wanted to participate, next thing I know I am in the running with Ellen Page. It was quite the honor! (Check out the list)

What are your plans for the channel in the future?

I want to continue to grow the LezBeOnTalk Channel and I have exciting plans for it in the future. I am continuously creating new videos and touching on new subjects! If you have something you would like for me to cover, leave me a comment or message on the channel or through my Twitter account!

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Guest Blogger – Mallorie DeRiggi
TeamMallorieMallorie DeRiggi is a 20 something marketing manager and communications professional who moved to Chicago over 3 years ago at the start of her career.  Mallorie works in the software/internet marketing space and possesses a strong creative ability to communicate ideas and develop strategy to make those ideas persuasive to others.  She loves to travel and has had a passion for learning new things about the world ever since she was little.  She speaks Italian and Spanish and is working on learning another language in the future.  She loves to write and is in the process of writing a novel.  She has passion for LGBT advocacy, politics, fashion, technology, cooking and following her favorite hockey team.  In her free time, she’s often out and about at different restaurants and bars hanging out with her friends or going out dancing on occasion.

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