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The holiday season is full of many joys and warm wishes. None of those joys however come from the dreaded winter weight gain. To avoid this seasonal pitfall and stay on track, try this higher intensity workout in your routine. This workout is meant to be performed with full effort and with little break time. It can be used 2-3 times a week. There is a warm up included that should not be skipped. I recruited Kaycie Hutchins, a fellow fitness coach, to model the exercises.

THE WARM-UP- 2 sets

Plank with Shoulder Taps- 20x
Begin in plank position. Touch your left hand to your right shoulder. Alternate shoulder taps. Do not rotate your hips when you touch your shoulder. Keep your core tight!


Side Plank with hip lift- 20x
Begin in a side plank position. Drop your hips down until they touch the ground, crunching your side oblique, then raise back into side plank position. Remember to maintain correct posture throughout the movement.


Back Plank- 60 sec
Begin in supine body position (face up). Fingertips pointing forward, dig your heels into the ground, and position your body in a straight line. Squeeze your glutes tight to keep your hips raised.


Prisoner Squat
Just like a standard squat, but you place your hands behind your head. Make sure to maintain proper posture. Keep your chest up. Squat as low as you can go without your heels coming off the ground.


Front to Back Lunge
Lunge forward with starting leg. Pushing off your heel, go straight into a back lunge. Maintain an upright posture. Never let your knee bend past your toe. One lunge forward and back counts as one rep.


Transverse Squat
Begin with feet together. With the right foot, open up to the right as far as you can while the other foot remains pointing forward. Once you open your stance, squat down. You should feel a stretch in your groin. Bring right foot back to starting position. Perform on both sides.



Front Squat
Begin with Dumb Bells (DB) resting on your shoulders or in front of your body. Feet are shoulder width apart. Push the weight back on your heels as you squat down. The DB will want to pull you forward. Resist this by keeping your core tight. Make sure you drop down until you are parallel with the ground.


SL (Single Leg) RDL (Romanian Deadlift)
Begin with one DB. Slightly bend your opposite knee, while the other leg is straight. Hip hinge over, making sure to keep your back flat. Reach down, just past your knee then return to starting position. Whatever side the DB is on is what leg should be in the air.


Quarter Turn Hurdle Jump
This can be performed many ways. If you don’t have a hurdle you can use any object like a DB. You can also turn this into a box jump, if you have that available to you. Begin in an athletic stance, feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Load your hips back and drop into a quarter squat, then explode up and over the hurdle. As you jump, turn 45 degrees to the left. Land over the hurdle/box into a quarter squat position. Jump back into original starting position.



Yes, we’ve all been instructed on how to do a pushup at some point in our lives. But I’m going to go over it again because most people do it wrong. Use an incline if you cannot touch your chest to the floor. Position your hands directly under your shoulders. Keeping your elbows in, lower your body to the ground. Just like the plank, your body should look like a straight line.


DB Split Chop
Begin on one knee, both hands on one DB. The DB should start at your hip. Keeping your arms straight, raise the weight diagonally across your body. Make sure you stay tall.


Resisted Band Row
Grab a resistance band of some sort or you can use a cable. Begin in a quarter squat position. Grab the band in each hand. Pull your hands into your torso, squeezing your shoulder blades together.



2-Way Lunge
Begin with two DB in each hand. Start by lunging backward then lunge out to one side, maintain upright posture and set your hips back. Drive off of your heel, ending back into starting position. Remember to push your hips back so that your knee does not reach past your toe.


Single Leg (SL) Military Press
Start with two DB in each hand positioned at your shoulders. Drive one knee up and point your toe. Maintaining balance, press the weight overhead.


Kaycie’s Krazy Abs
Begin on your back with one leg raised just above the ground and the other close to 90 degrees. Raising shoulders off the ground, crunch up and touch the closest ankle. Lower yourself back down while switching your legs. Crunch back up, this time touching the other ankle. Never let your feet touch the ground!


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