Sami Grisafe releases a music video for the song Atlantis

I have been talking about Sami for over a year now. Thinking out loud and sharing my very real belief that this chick is gonna break from this big city small venue life and rock the rock n roll world once and for all. I feel this way because every time I see her perform – she evolves just a little bit more. She gets stronger. She gets better. She took a Joplin song the other night and made it her very own. And I KNOW – those words are sacrilege to so many of us long time Janis groupies – but – I am not even exaggerating – when Sami finished with Bobby McGee – my heart had goose bumps. My mind was officially blown – and that is why…I keep on talking about Grisafe…..

“We were new to making promises – But there were few we didn’t keep – We’d spend our days talking bout the future – And there was no place in the world I’d rather be” The song Atlantis opens with these words and from the moment they hit – you are caught inside the tide of this love song. “Time was lazy when we were younger – But ambitious time picked up some speed – I woke one day beneath the water – While she sailed across the surface of the sea – Did I abandon her or did she… out to me” Sami Grisafe – you know how to work the words into the music woman – and that is no small task.

It has been a whirlwind year for this woman for certain. Now comes the release of her video for the single “Atlantis” from the same titled album – and I wanted to share some more. I spoke to Sami recently and asked her about the inspiration for this particular song. She said the initial inspiration came from the central theme of “I Hate Tommy Finch.” Sami told me, “I wanted to write something that was more important than just the story of two people. I wanted to write a story that commented on our current social and political climate.” (Digging deeper is something this multi talented artist does very well.) “I thought of the social implications each character in the play might encounter on their journey. The story is about one person knowing what she wants very early in life and going for it head first – diving in – if you will. The other is afraid of what she wants – love. I believe our society is made up of these two kinds of people and fear is the only thing holding us back from progress.”

“I’m floating to Atlantis – Come with me – We both know I’m scared to swim – But honey give me time and then – Even if I don’t know what the plan is – I’ll find some way to meet you in Atlantis….in Atlantis” The melody plays over and over in my head – and I think about something else Sami said to me. “I think that the general human experience has been conditioned by fear for so long, it’s time for a change. Time for love to rule. What an amazing world this would be if we all ‘let go’ of our fear, pre-conceived notions, prejudices, and lived in a world where we all hold each other up. The possibilities for progress and quality of life are limitless.” I can’t find myself agreeing with her any more – such a simple concept really – one that we should all step back and take in when we have some time.

“I watched her sink into the water – I didn’t think she’d ever leave me – She was always hungry for adventure – And I was too afraid to dive for dreams – So I stayed where I was safe – Until she sang out to me….” I don’t know what to say about these lyrics other than they linger in my head a little longer than they should. Sami Grisafe, the artist, uses the magic of music to balance her way with words – and in so doing produces memorable songs. Songs that don’t hit and run all over us – but songs that pull us into a place that only Sami can take us.

I can’t wait for her to dive into the next dream and share the trip with all of us again and again.

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  1. Um, can I say we have a Casey Larwood doppleganger? Lol

    Posted by Viv | July 23, 2012, 5:35 pm

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