Tamale’s 12: Spotlight on Ever Mainard

Tamale’s 12 for 12 is a collection of 12 questions posed to one of Tamales favorite comics each month.

I originally met Ever when I was working at Second City. She was the cutest barista at Starbucks by far. We chatted about her wanting to do stand up comedy and now she’s a rising star gaining momentum and catching the eyes of those who know their stuff! It’s my absolute pleasure to introduce to you, Ever Mainard.

1. When did you first know you wanted to do comedy?

I remember wanting to do comedy at a very young age. I was 10 and my parents used to wake me up for SNL and MAD TV. We would also sit and watch the Carol Burnet Show. I used to imitate my favorite characters. Then I became obsessed with watching BET and Comedy Central at my friend’s house for stand up and would try and do stand up.

2. How long have you been at it and in what forms?

I started taking improv in Austin when I was 18. Then I was on a house team called The Milk Man’s Kids that played at the local (and ONLY) comedy club in Temple, Tx. That club is now closed. I moved to Chicago when I was 21 and auditioned and then took
the conservatory classes at Second City and also classes at I.O. I was scared of stand up here. I was afraid that the comedians were going to be rude, sarcastic, mean, and vulgar. But I was wrong- they were also chauvinistic and obsessed with their penis’. Just jokes, except for the penis part. My first open mic here was at the Big Open Mic at the Center for the Performing Arts. I then started doing Ha Ha Hottie shows and shows at the Pressure Café. I was also in an improve group with Nancy Fast, Cecily Strong, and Lisa Laureta called Bidnez Ladeez Wig and in a sketch group called Girls, Girls, Out! I am currently in a two-person group called Strange Soldier with Jack Ferrell and have completed a show at I.O. called “That’s the Gig!”- Brainchild of Dana Quircioli.

3. What has been your scariest moment on stage?  

Just recently in the U.P. I just did a tour with Sonya White. It was really eye opening. She has jokes for EVERYONE! I was on stage with people that I don’t usually interact with and I was afraid they were going to eat me alive. It was cool to see how much I need to grow. This tour put the fear back in me! That fear one gets when they are just starting out! Most of the tour went pretty well. The last night of the tour we did a show RIGHT after the Packer’s lost in a room of die-hard Packer fans. The last thing they wanted to see was some comedy. Much less a 25-year-old girl farting around on stage after having the announcer tell people I wrote for Cat Fancy. As soon as I got on stage a woman yelled, “We don’t want your kind!” I said “What, cat people?” “YEAH! WE’RE DOG PEOPLE!” was her reply. I was definitely afraid to “out” myself with this crowd. Plus, the Yoopers have a hard life. Have you been there?? NOTHING IS THERE BUT CHRISTMAS TREES AND ANTI ABORTION SIGNS!! Over all the tour was a lot of fun and eventually the crowd settled down and got in to it. Sonya killed. Like I said, she has jokes for EVERYONE. Long story short, I learned to really push my self and to be versatile in my writing. Even more so than my little pea brain thought it was doing.

4. What are you most proud of in life?  In comedy?

I am most proud to be a ChUC member and to have been asked to host for Maria Bamford. To me, ChUC is the Holy Grail in Chicago comedy and I am very honored to be a member. I peed myself when I got an e-mail to host for Maria. I used (and still do) to watch her videos and Patton Oswald and dream of working with them.

5. What are two things that are not related to comedy that you love, or  enjoy doing and why?  

I love bike riding. Its nice to get out in the air and just ride and pedal and coast and turn and stop and feel my legs working and then stand up and pedal up a hill and then get sweaty in the summer and then fix my flats and then barely get to work on time because I got distracted on my bike. I mean, uh bike riding because its fun and you can just park it wherever. I also love manual yard labor. I used to mow, edge, weed eat, cut tree limbs, paint, and crap like that when I lived in Texas. I love being outside and the feeling of working hard.

6. Your biggest pet peeve about fellow comics is:

WHY DO THEY HAVE A DICK AND I DON’T! I’m just left to my stupid period jokes.

7. What’s the best advice you ever got about comedy and who said it?

Marget Cho told me to never stop. Well, she wrote it in a book and I read it, so its kinda like she said it. She said that there will always people less talented than you getting bigger gigs, and there will be times when people are going to take a dump on you, but you just have to go, because in the end- it all pays off.

8. Please name three people who have inspired you in a way that has informed your comedy. What makes each of them so meaningful to you?

The Ladies of SNL-Molly Shannon, Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, Cheri Oteri, and Carol Burnet, and Beth Stelling. The first five ladies are those that I used to emulate as a child. They were my role models growing up. Beth Stelling because she was a local (now LA based) comic who I have looked up to since moving here. She taught me so much and I am looking forward to see her career grow!

9. What was the funniest thing you remember as a kid?  

My grandpa put me on a cow to ride it and the cow just kinda shook me off. Then when I was like 10 or 11 my country uncle wore a hip 90’s shirt that said NOT on it and everyone just said NOT!

10.  Do you drink coffee, and if so, how do you prefer it?  

I drink it ALL the time. I work at a coffee shop and I take it black.

11. Tell me about a particularly memorable gig.

My first ChUC gig, because it made me feel like I was on the right path. That I was doing something right.

12. Hecklers. We’ve all had one, or at the very least, seen them work their magic. Tell me your favorite heckler story.  (I would love to hear your favorite heckler diffusion line as well…)

I was in the U.P. and some guy made some weird remark. I cant remember what he said exactly, but he said that he likes skinning beavers (the animals) and I said “Me too! Are you a lesbian also?” and he loved it. The rest of my set was skippidy do easy because I silenced the man and we all connected over homosexuality. See, we do have an agenda.

Check her out at She will also be hosting Queer Comedy at Zanies All Lady Lineup on March 27, 2012.

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