Chicago Sky’s March Madness Kickoff Party

Ladies!!! The brackets are out and DePaul is in! Ok there’s a lot of favorites to celebrate in the bracket selection. That’s why we are having our women’s NCAA tourney party with the Sky.

On Monday, March 19th at 7:30pm The Chicago Sky is throwing a party to celebrate the beginning of the NCAA women’s tournament. The event will be held at Spin, 800 W. Belmont, in Chicago. Round Two of the tournament will be televised on a number of flat screen HD TVs as well as a big screen (62″ x 108″) projector TV, and of course professional grade sound to go with the women’s games. “We are hoping to watch hometown favorite Depaul upset Tennessee to be completely honest,” states Meghan McCallum, sports writer for the L Stop. The Sky is working with us to fortify the support for women’s sports in the Chicagoland area. Tickets are only $5 and include a signature cocktail, food, give-aways, soda and water and the best environment to watch the women’s tourney from.

The L Stop Sports team is hosting the event. Our goal is to bring more attention to the tremendous amount of women’s athletic talent and diversity in the Chicagoland area. This year serves as Title IX’s 40th anniversary. Title IX has secured the availability of sports for the female athletes we see today and also serves as a promise to little girls around the country that they too can aspire to be collegiate, Olympic, and professional athletes.

We will continue to celebrate our female athletes and will increase exposure through events planned throughout the spring and summer seasons of Chicago’s women’s teams. The Chicago Sky will be presenting information about new acquired player talents, group outings, ticket packages, and will have a few contests with prizes and other give-aways. “I’m excited about people winning pop-a-shot prizes,” states McCallum. The Sky are giving away all sorts of goodies at the event, that includes tickets and signed gear.

However, still today, we see women’s professional teams fold, and their leagues dismantled due to financial stresses and strains. Women’s sports aren’t getting the television and other media coverage that their male counterparts do. Television provides exposure, endorsement and sponsorship dollars, and creates a marketable product of athletes that become household names. If television exposure can turn an unknown housewife or single bachelor into a household name, so too is true with our athletes. Without this coverage the athletes in women’s sports reach out to their fans, attend community events, and teach young athletes through camps and instructional seminars. In this way they have a much stronger connection than their male counterparts. We celebrate these women at this event. Our college athletes deserve to know their hard work is appreciated and celebrated. So get out and support our local women’s sports!!!

Don’t wait to get your tickets because they are selling out fast. This is THE place to go to celebrate the women’s NCAA tourney in Chicago. To check out the bracket visit

Buy your tickets at We don’t want you to miss out!!!

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Meg was born and raised in Chicago where she became an avid sports fan the moment she laid her eyes on her first ball. She has a knack for picking up any sport quickly as most four sport high school athletes would. Meghan played two sports in college and spent her post college years playing women’s pro football, capturing a national title, before having to quit due to injury. She still plays numerous sports in rec leagues around the city and boasts at a recent team tryout knocked out 51 consecutive push-ups in a minute. Always willing to try something new she just played in her first rugby match. Meghan currently works as a fire-medic and is finishing her Master’s degree from University of Chicago, and no, unfortunately, its not in sports reporting!


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  1. Sin also invited people to stick around after the games and dance if you’d like to!

    Posted by Meg | March 13, 2012, 3:24 pm
  2. SPIN, SPIN said that…not Sin…darn fat fingers…

    Posted by Meg | March 13, 2012, 3:25 pm

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