Weekly Wedding Tips – DIY to FYI

There are plenty of ways to let the world know that you’re engaged and all the details of your wedding. The essentials of which are your wedding website, Save-the-Date cards, and the invitations themselves.

Wedding Website
There are plenty of templates, many of them FREE, for wedding websites that are easy to build. If you’re not tech savvy, all you need to do is enter your wedding details and the rest will be done for you. For the geeks out there, or those looking for a more custom website, all little html knowledge and a few dollars can go a long way. There are hundreds of wedding website templates available (,,, etc.) that range from basic to custom.

Additional savings: Find a website that can be set up to collect RSVPs during a specific time window. This will eliminate the need for the response card when you get to the invitation stage. Not only will you save money, but you’ll be more eco-friendly too!

Save-the-Dates are sent out in advance, to your core guest list, so they can plan around your wedding. If you want to do a standard Save-the-Date, I recommend designing it yourself, using your engagement photo(s) and having it printed to post-card size. If designed as a post-card, it can be sent to your guests without needing an envelope and for a lesser postage (win-win). There are many online quality printers that offer great rates for standard printing sizes, such as post-cards. Important Tip: Don’t send a Save-the-Date to someone who might get cut from your final wedding guest list. If they know when the wedding is supposed to be and held the date open, it’s even more awkward when they don’t get the invite.

Additional savings: A popular Save-the-Date trend is to send magnets since people tend to put them as reminders on their refrigerators anyway. If you go this route, definitely look into doing it yourself. Some printers will charge you a premium for printing on anything other than standard paper, but you can go to Staples and get the same thing for less than $25. It’s important to keep in mind though, magnets do not stick to standard Stainless Steel refrigerators, so while it seems like a fun and unique touch, it may end up being impractical for your guests and a waste of money.

Custom engraved invitations can cost hundreds and don’t always fit into a tight wedding budget. Don’t waste that much money on something you can do yourself.  You can easily make your own stylized personal invitations or keep it simple (and not to mention green) by using one single sheet of paper and collecting RSVPs electronically or by phone. Invitations done for much less still send the same message to your guests and, depending on your creativity, can still make the same impact.

Additional savings: Buy enough stock for your Thank-You cards too. You might get a discount for buying so much at once and you’ll be able to pre-print the Thank-You cards in advance. This will save money and definitely time after the wedding when you’re hand-writing all those personalized notes to your guests.

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