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The LGBT Community and Addiction: There is Hope at New Hope

Did you know that the LGBT population is at a higher risk for addiction? This risk begins in adolescence where LGB youth have been found to be two to five times more likely to use alcohol and drugs when compared to heterosexual youth. Unfortunately, this trend continues into adulthood. Research has found that queer women […]

Red Light Therapy: Portraits of Healing

Sex workers have all the stories. It’s time that they have a platform to share them within a context of healing, empowerment, transformation and enlightenment. An exciting and radical new book is in the works, and the editor is currently seeking contributions! The book will be a compelling and dynamic collection of essays, poetry and […]

Your Netflix Queue Just Got Gayer: OITNB & Other Lesbian TV Series

Lesbian television is having a moment folks. There are more Sapphic series and lesbian characters in mainstream programming than ever. Of course, many of these series are riddled with issues, presenting white-washed, palatable-for-the masses queerness. However, some of them are good, really good, and even the chaff is often entertaining. You can get your fill […]

The Top 7 Career Paths Pursued by Lesbians & Queer Girls

We all know that generalizations are incredibly accurate and not problematic in the least. So, here we go! My conclusions are supported by a tiny amount of empirical evidence, and primarily by my (clearly irrefutable) data gleaned from the people I’ve dated (not a small number, I was ambitious when I was single) and my […]

Community Spotlight: Torie McMillan

Torie McMillan is one of those photographers that quietly moves around the room, wisely framing her photos before snapping just at the right time. Without making a scene, moving people around to perfection or otherwise complicating the process of capturing memories, McMillan utilizes her talent and has always presented stunning results. Being behind the camera […]

Creating Tolerance in an Intolerant Place

Pride month means neighborhood street fests, live music, and a public celebration of “it’s ok to be gay” in Chicago.  I, on the other hand, have had a very different kind of Pride month. Pride in the notoriously intolerant state of Wyoming takes the form of a couple of picnics (two, actually – one in […]

The Chicago Dyke March – A Work in Progress; A March of Resistance

By The Chicago Dyke March Collective Organizing is hard. Collaborating is challenging. Being a Collective that organizes and collaborates with the end goal of creating a March for hundreds of people – nearly impossible. However, for the past 17 years, members of the Chicago Dyke March Collective have successfully accomplished this goal. This year, the […]

Are You Caught Up on Season One of Easy Abby?

If you haven’t yet watched the hottest new lesbian web series, Easy Abby, start watching below and get hooked!  We’ve all fallen for Abby as she stumbled through the series hooking up and avoiding finding love at all costs, but what will the finale bring for our new favorite lesbian character?  If you can’t wait […]

The Intriguing Life of a Leather Vixen—Meet Nadia Oussenko

In this small-world community of ours, we often hear the same names being mentioned over and over without really knowing the backstory of a person. In this case, I’m hoping to change that and improve your world just a little bit. Nadia Oussenko is a face you may recognize, but her contribution to the arts […]

Baby Just Say Yes

Hiiiii cunny lingerers! How’s by you? Ahhhh I need to tell you I have the best work crush going right now.   Eee hee hee we are talking a cute, kinda androgynous, totally mysterious work crush—I don’t know her name, I don’t know what she does at my job, I actually don’t know anything about […]