TED Talks: Marriage Equality, Gender, and Vaginas

TedTalksMost of us have heard about TED talks, but how many of us have actually been able to attend one? Here is a compilation of some inspiring and entertaining TED talks that will get you thinking. From gender to marriage, to bullying and the “gay agenda,” take a break and sit back and enjoy some incredible TED talks.

This hilarious talk is by Eve Ensler, the creator of “The Vagina Monologues.” She talks about how she became the vagina woman, and keeps you laughing with intrigue with stories of where it all began.

In this video, artist iO Tillett Wright will get you thinking about gender and gender expression, and how society tries to force us into perfect binary boxes of both gender and sexuality. In reality, few of us fit so neatly into these restricting boxes.

In this talk, CNN and ESPN columnist, LZ Granderson discusses the ridiculousness of the “gay agenda.” Watch, laugh, and send it to all of the narrow-minded representatives in your district.

Challenge everything you know about gender when you watch this talk by Alice Dreger. Many of us in the LGBT community do not like the binary gender views that are socially assumed in the U.S.; Alice Dreger explains several reasons why gender is far from a binary concept by talking about her fascinating work with people who don’t fit into the basic male and female anatomical distinctions.

As we impatiently await the decision about the Illinois marriage equality bill, we can take comfort that more and more representatives across the country are on our side. New York State Senator, Diane J. Savino made this statement hours before a key marriage equality bill was rejected in New York.

This is a touching, heart-wrenching video about bullying by Shane Koyczan, including his spoken word poem “To This Day.” Shane gives you a vivid glimpse into the life of a kid exposed to bullying but despite everything still remains to tell the tale.

Take a look at how the word feminism has evolved in this video of blogger Courtney Martin. Listen to how the new generation is taking on feminism and what it means to be a feminist.

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