Catching Up with Betsy Rubinstein, 2012 Lesbian to Look Out For

Betsy2012By Regina Barry, Howard Brown Health Center Intern

Over the past year, Betsy Rubinstein has maintained status as a Lesbian to Look Out For due to her continuing, tireless efforts to improve the health of queer women in Chicagoland.  She has been the project manager of the Lesbian Community Care Project (LCCP) for over a year now, and has led the LCCP team in bringing about exciting advances in programs and services offered.  The Under 35 Health Drop-In Night, a monthly event that provides free health services to uninsured women and transgender people under 35, now extends beyond LCCP’s Lakeview location at Howard Brown Health Center (HBHC).  Every other month, the program takes place at on the South Side at the Chicago Child Care Society’s townhouse space (5459 S. University Ave.), making LGBT-affirming healthcare services more accessible to folks who need them.  LCCP’s Alternative Insemination program is growing as well:  a workshop on at-home insemination, the first of its kind, is taking place on March 23.

As always, Betsy is helping to organize and plan events for the benefit of queer women in Chicago.  Over the past year, she’s contributed her energy and talent to the success of a variety of community events.  These have included HPV vaccine awareness workshops on the North and South Sides; an Alternative Insemination Family Fair that provided resources for LGBTQ families looking to grow; a breast and ovarian health seminar at HBHC; and the Love Your Body Wellness Fair, collaboration with the Haymarket Center and other community healthcare providers in honor of National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.  There’s more on the horizon:  keep your calendars clear for April 17, when LCCP and Bright Pink will be hosting the annual Breast Show Ever at Mary’s Attic in Andersonville, a fun evening of burlesque and breast and ovarian health education.

With all the work she does with LCCP, it’s hard to imagine that Betsy has spare time to breathe, let alone contribute to the LGBTQ community in other ways.  For the past year she has co-chaired the Chicago Foundation for Women’s LBTQ Giving Council (formerly the Lesbian Leadership Council) and is preparing for the FY2014 grant making cycle to support programs in Chicago that promote the needs of LBTQ women and girls.  She also writes Queering Her Health, a blog at The L Stop on the subject of—you guessed it—LBTQ health and wellness.   Despite having achieved so much in such a short amount of time, her passion for this cause remains inexhaustible:  “There is still a lot of important work to be done to promote and increase access to health and wellness services for LBTQ women! I feel lucky to be a part of the ride.”

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  1. Great article! I’m a Nurse and would love to volunteer my services at one of theses free Health days!

    Posted by jennifer Geary | March 22, 2013, 1:13 pm

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