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Dispatch from a Dominatrix: How to be a Better Partner to Sex Workers

For those of us in the ‘adult’ industry, dating can be a challenge. Many partners struggle with the type of work that we do, and encounter feelings of jealousy or mistrust. So, in an effort to help folks be more supportive to their lovers and partners, I’d like to share a few insights and suggestions […]

Same-Sex Love and the Law in Illinois

By Leslie A. Gutierrez They meet. They fall in love. They get married. They live happily ever after. It’s supposed to be that simple. Unfortunately, it’s only that simple if you fall in love with someone of the opposite sex. In which case, the abundance of rights, privileges and benefits that stem from that love […]

Winter Date Suggestions

It’s that time of year again, filled with the magic of snow flurries and rosy cheeks. Of burying yourself under piles of quilts and touching frozen toes against warm thighs. Whether you are lucky enough to already have someone lined up for late night entertainment, or if you’re on the hunt for fun ways to […]

Beautiful Mess

There she was – right where I knew I would find her.  Crawling into the depths of my heart again – through that old back door with the broken lock.  She always knew how to break and enter and find a way to stay – as if no crime had ever been committed.  And I […]

Top Reasons to Have a One Night Stand In October

There’s always talk about summer flings and steamy nights spent on the beach; of the budding love that begins in June sunsets and fires right on through our sweaty 100° days. I say, bring on the drop in mercury! Autumn doesn’t get its fair due. Bonfires and sweaters, chilly dawns and epic leaf fights. Romance […]

Singles: 10 Red Flags to look out for – Part 1

The leaves have begun to change and autumn is officially here. The season of sweat and fiery attraction has been replaced by the season of sultry glances and layered sweaters. As you look around you and reflect back to this summer, you may have a realization: “Holy shit! A lot of my friends are single now…I’m single now!” According to Facebook data, […]

Comfort Zone

Comfort in a real, honest, living, evolving, passionate relationship should be an anomaly – but it seems to be a more and more prevalent word used to describe partnerships I see developing all around me. When someone describes their relationship as comfortable I die a bit on the inside. I happen to believe that in […]

My Harley, the road, and me

I headed west out of Chicago on a 900 mile journey to South Dakota on my Harley with a group of amazing women; all the while, I knew there would be some stories to tell when the memory was all I had left. The horizon changes from mile to mile, moment to moment, memory to […]

You broke up, now what? Legal Considerations in Separation

By Leslie A. Gutierrez Break-ups are harsh. But they are even more taxing for couples who cohabitated prior to ending their relationship, because on top of all of the emotional turmoil, you have to fight over who stays, who goes, and who gets what. This article provides a simplified overview of some of the legal […]

It’s Just a Couch for Heaven’s Sake

I am not sure how to start this except to say that I feel alone. I know that God is always with me. My other loved ones, both still on the planet and those who have left their earthly bodies are also nearby. I feel like I have failed so miserably because I am not […]