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Amy Eisenberg Interview

By Kris McDermott Ask comic Amy Eisenberg what she likes to write jokes about, and you’ll get a long list. “Moms die, dads leave, government cheese, I’m short…” Her comedy is loud, fearless, and unapologetic—much like she is. Amy’s featuring in February’s edition of Queer Comedy at Zanies here in Chicago on February 25th  so […]

Cameron Esposito: Homecoming And Thanksgiving

Almost a year to the day after Cameron Esposito moved from Chicago to LA, she made her late night debut on Late Night with Craig Ferguson. Coincidentally, the other guest on the show was Jay Leno. After her set, she sat between the two hosts and was praised by Leno as being “the future of […]

Interview with Jessica Kirson

By Tamale Sepp Jessica Kirson is coming to Chicago and you NEED to see her.  She’s been on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing, Last Call With Carson Daley, VH1, Premium Blend, and Nickelodeon just to name a few.  She’s loud, expressive, and animated in a way that draws you […]

Cameron Esposito is not in Illinois Anymore

When Cameron Esposito was a little girl, she wanted to be president. Or a cartoonist. Or a priest. Mostly a priest. Instead, she became a stand-up comic (I’ll come back to this later). I vaguely remember hearing that one of our favorite home town comedians was leaving to try and make it in LaLa Land, […]

7 Local Lesbian Comics You Should Know

Chicago has an amazing community of LGBTQ comics! Here is a list of 7 ladies that you should know. Keep an eye out for their name and be sure to check out any shows that you see them listed in! Did we miss some good ones? Post them in the comments! Also, check out our […]

An Interview with Sapna Kumar

Sapna Kumar life’s experiences as an immigrant that went from Bombay India to the cultural epicenter that is the state of Indiana serve as an infinite and delicious source of material for this hilarious and sassy lesbian. In her act, she talks about her immigrant parents, their whimsical quips & attempts to understand and raise […]

Interview with Sami Grisafe

Perhaps you’ve seen her perform at either Midsommarfest or Back Lot Bash. Maybe it was headlining at Double Door this past August. Or maybe, just maybe, you wandered into The Closet on a Monday or Tuesday night for a drink and were treated to some acoustic sets. Regardless of the place and time, odds are […]

Tamale Sepp and Brass Chuckles Comedy

Much can be said about Tamale Sepp. Her resume of activities and interests is long; burlesque performer, fire dancer, member of Dykes on Bikes, L Stop Writer…the list is simply endless. Her performances are vast and her travels reflect it, given that she has performed in many cities globally. Yet, throughout the years, one has […]

“Are You There Judy?” Interview with Creator Judy Fabjance

I interviewed Judy Fabjance about her show after I saw it. Enjoy! – Tamale “Are you there, Judy? It’s me Cancer.” I love this take on the classic 1970’s book, “Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret.” How did you come up with your show title? My girlfriends co-worker actually came up with “Are you […]