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Top 10 Lesbian Costumes

10. Vampire Don’t Bite me!   Oh Noooo… Now I’m gay! 9.  Beaver In case you want to show your animal side.  Great if it’s chilly outside too. 8.  Drag Queen She’s always the life of the party but practice your double-edged compliments. 7.  Wonder Woman Because She’s Amazing and our classic amazon superhero 6.  Dominatrix […]

Can’t Wait For Wanda

Forget the socially conscious documentaries like Born into Brothels; I’ve been sitting on that Netflix movie for weeks now. At the end of a long day at work all I really want to do is laugh, and no one makes me laugh like Wanda Sykes. Sometimes while I’m snorting, I even manage to learn something […]

Choosing Your Gay Family

There are so many tricky parts about two femmes planning a wedding.  In the wedding industry, the word lesbian is never really expected.  Weddings are still undoubtedly very heterosexual.  Gay people are embarking on somewhat new territory reclaiming marriage and the rest of the world is still trying to catch up.  Even during Indie Wed […]

Occupy Lakeview

Sneaking a peek at Lauren Carter’s The Reasons Why I Hate NATO article, yes, I actually do read other team members’ articles; I realized how I also hated NATO. I should really do something about this, I thought. I was proud that protestors were coming to Chicago and that someone was standing up. I was […]

Kim’s Engagement Story

On April 21st my best friend and partner, Andrea Moffat asked me to spend the rest of my life with her.  Perhaps I was a little naive to still be surprised when I had proposed the weekend before, but my heart jumped when I saw Andrea on the big screen at the Windy City Roller […]

HER own day at Halsted

The Center on Halsted is having a special day to celebrate women. Did you know Judy Shepard is their Keynote Speaker? Judy Shepard is the mother of Matthew Shepard who was brutally murdered for being gay at the young age of 21 years old in Laramie, Wyoming. Do Not Miss Judy Shepard Speak!!! I don’t […]

Bush Confidence

“What do you guys think about butt waxing?” Dana asks shyly. “Who has it on their butt?” asks Tina (Everyone glances at Alice). “Well, at least I don’t anymore,” Alice punctuates. “Back to my question please?” Dana redirects. Alice informs, “OK, Trimming is essential. You know, just do it a few days before you get […]

Top 10 Gifts to Never Give Your Sweetie for Valentine’s Day

1. Exercise equipment: “What! Do you think I’m fat? What are you trying to say?” I get the idea that maybe you just want your sweetie to me Happy and Healthy, but this is not a wise way to do it. Plus exercise equipment tends to become just another thing you have to donate to […]

Smart Balls

After having investigated the causes of Uterine Prolapse, I decided that I needed to investigate a Kegel exercise toy. I chose the smart balls because well to be honest, they came in pretty colors. With so many high quality toys to choose from, sometimes-pretty packaging is what it comes down to. Smart balls stand out […]

Your Uterus Can Fall Out

Unfortunately, it is actually common for women to suffer from what is called Uterine Prolapse. Uterine Prolapse is a fancy term for when your uterus basically collapses on itself and, in severe cases, the uterus passes through the vaginal opening. “No way, the uterus can fall out? Why didn’t they tell us this in health […]