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Interview with Marla Depew

By Adam Guerino Meet Marla Depew. She is a graduate of the Second City Training Center’s writing program and has studied at iO and The Annoyance. She has performed throughout Chicago and the Midwest, is the producer of the showcase Sidecar Bar Comedy Night and co-producer of Just Dickin’ Around, a ladies’ open mic and […]

Meet Maggie Faris, Winner of Stand Out: The National Queer Comedy Search

By Kris McDermott Don’t know the name Maggie Faris? Well, you should. She’s the winner of multiple comedy competitions—most recently, she was the winner of Stand Out: The National Queer Comedy Search in September 2013. She appeared two years in a row on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, and won both the Silver Nail award and […]

Seattle’s Lesbian Voice

Sarah Toce has developed her career by becoming a respected journalist and writer who has worked with many national lesbian and LGBTQ-related media outlets and has interviewed a multitude of celebrities along the way. However, now she is no longer just writing about the news… she’s making it. A self-described advocate for the underdog, Sarah […]

Surviving Family Time Over the Holidays

While the holiday season is filled with gift giving and joy for many, some of us often encounter the gift of “best intentions” with friends or family that cannot reconcile their Christian faith with our sexual orientation or gender identity. Trying to set you up on a date with the neighbor’s son next door or […]

Cameron Esposito: Homecoming And Thanksgiving

Almost a year to the day after Cameron Esposito moved from Chicago to LA, she made her late night debut on Late Night with Craig Ferguson. Coincidentally, the other guest on the show was Jay Leno. After her set, she sat between the two hosts and was praised by Leno as being “the future of […]

Differing Sex Drives: A Challenge for Relationships of all Stripes

A difference in sexual desire in a relationship can cause strain and stress for all partners. Sexual desire sits somewhere on a continuum for each of us, and ranges from very high desire to no desire whatsoever. While there is no “correct” or “healthy” sex drive, many couples experience pain and frustration when there is […]

The Girl Scouts: Selling Cookies Has ALWAYS Been a Euphemism for Lesbian Sex

This morning my sister Trish Bendix brought my attention to another attack on the Girl Scouts—apparently, some pastor thinks the Girl Scouts sell “lesbian cookies.” And I’m like, “Hell yes they do!” Instead of the apple, the Scouts lead you into temptation with a cookie. OBVIOUSLY. I wrote about this phenomenon over a year ago: Another day, another […]

Interview with Jessica Kirson

By Tamale Sepp Jessica Kirson is coming to Chicago and you NEED to see her.  She’s been on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing, Last Call With Carson Daley, VH1, Premium Blend, and Nickelodeon just to name a few.  She’s loud, expressive, and animated in a way that draws you […]

Lesbians and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I want you to imagine the following scenario. Jill is in bed blogging on her laptop while her sexy girlfriend, Suzy, is reading on her Ipad. As Jill is typing away at the computer, she starts to feel a slight ache in her right wrist and weakness in her fingers. She shakes it off and […]

Notes on Stacie Passon’s “Concussion”

On September 6, Stacie Passon’s Concussion opened NYC’s NewFest. This film is fantastic; like Anna Albelo’s Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf? (which screened September 9 at the festival), it is what lesbian cinema should be in terms of artistry and craft. Below are some thoughts on the film—I’d like to dedicate them to That White Guy who asked about […]