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The Zeebs video “Rich Trash”

The ladies of Lockeroom Talk, Alyssia and Jenny From The Future, have gotten together to form the duo The Zeebs. Their self-deemed “runway” music can be heard on their website (, along with the music video for their hit single “Rich Trash.” This must-listen-to duo sat down with The L Stop to give us the 411 on their music and a little bit about who they are.

The L Stop: So, what exactly is a Zeeb?
Alyssia: A Zeeb is a fashionista, connoisseur of many things, a person that’s into the universe and space…
Jenny: A nerd.

TLS: How did the two of you come together to make music?
Jenny: We were in the band called Lockeroom Talk. And then we decided that we wanted to create new sounds, between the two of us, because we have really good dynamics, lyrics and instrumentals together.

TLS: Is Lockeroom Talk still together?
Alyssia: It’s still a band, but it’s just not active right now. We’re focusing on our new sound at the moment, but we’re still together.

TLS: Are the two of you from Chicago?
Jenny: Yeah, I am. I grew up outside of Chicago.
Alyssia: I’m from Michigan. Born and raised in Flint, Michigan.

Alyssa and Jenny From The Future

TLS: Your name, of course, is Jenny, but where did you get the “From The Future” part of your name?
Jenny: It comes from this one right here. (pointing to Alyssia)
Alyssia: Yeah. I think it’s because you bought a new synth. The one before that wasn’t as crazy. And she started buying all these electronic devices. The sounds were all very futuristic. I’m like, “Dude, you’re, like, from the future.”

TLS: Do you have a nickname?
Alyssia: Well, people would normally call me Kick Ass. I think it’s, like, an image that’s attached to Kick Ass.

TLS: What would you say is the difference in the music you’re making with The Zeebs and the music you were making with Lockeroom Talk?
Jenny: It’s very different. Lockeroom Talk is more rock music. We had the guitar, bass, and full piece band. It had a dance part to it, but it was more kind of rock-ish. The Zeebs is more like runway, strut your stuff, dance, electro feel.
Alyssia: And the lyrical content is more about wishful thinking. Not, like, focused on certain subjects. It’s all wishful thinking, in that moment.
Jenny: It’s pretty light-hearted too. It’s fun.
Alyssia: Yeah. It’s danceable.

TLS: On The Zeebs website it says you self-deemed your music “runway” music. Define “runway” music.
Jenny: I would say it’s like you’re walking down the street and you’re bopping your head and strutting your stuff. It’s more like you’re showing off a little bit. You feel confident.
Alyssia: I think it kind of came about with the song “Rich Trash.” It was pretty much focused on fashion.

TLS: So how does a Zeeb come up with their music and lyrics?
Alyssia: We’ll pretty much watch a show, or something, and a song will come up. “Rich Trash” came about while watching The Hills. The girls on the show, they’re trashy but they’re pretty rich. And we’re like, they’re rich trash. So, Jenny did the instrumental and I started writing the lyrics. Wishful thinking came first, and then fashion and designers.

From the future beam kick ass

TLS: What type of audience are you trying to reach with your music?
Alyssia: I would say a little bit of everybody. Our lyrics are pretty diverse. We try to keep our lyrics very broad, so everyone can relate to it. Our main focus right now, I would say… we want to try to get into the fashion world. So we want to reach out to that type of crowd.

TLS: Who are your musical influences, then and now?
Alyssia: Growing up I listened to a lot of old school, a lot of Minnie Riperton, a lot of Rick James, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Nas. With my lyrics, Nas really inspired me. I love Nas. He’s so wise. That’s when I really started to write, when I started listening to him.
Jenny: Britney Spears… (laughs) Just kidding. Although, I do have some pop influences for writing instrumentals. Also, relaxed beats and music that has a dance feel to it.

TLS: So is Jenny more of the beat maker and Alyssia the lyricist?
Jenny: We both do both beats and lyrics, but our first few songs have been like that.
Alyssia: For instance, On “Rich Trash” I wrote the lyrics and Jenny wrote the instrumental. So it’s kind of 50/50. We both write and produce. Although, she’s more like the producer.

TLS: In listening to some of The Zeebs’ music, I noticed an M.I.A/Santigold/Peaches kind of feel. Did any of those artists influence your music?
Alyssia: I would say, yeah. I listen to a lot of Peaches. I listen to Santigold. I just recently got into her. I thought she was like the hipster black girl or whatever. But, then I really read up on her, like read her musical influence and background. And it was like, wow. I was impressed.

The Zeebs

TLS: You say your music is based off of fashion. How long have you two been into fashion?
Alyssia: I’ve always been into fashion, but not high-end fashion really. I’ve always enjoyed the visual aspect, like the people walking on the runway and the music involved. It’s an experience. We’re both fashionistas. The Zeebs came from that.
TLS: Are there any singers or bands you’d love to record with or go on tour with if you got the chance to do so?
Jenny: Pharrell. That’d be cool.
Alyssia: And N.E.R.D. They’re cool dudes. They have a good fashion and sound. Very unique.
Jenny: They’ve got really good lyrical content too.
Alyssia: They make really good instrumentals and the lyrics are good. They embrace eclectic kids to be yourself. I really admire that.

TLS: Do The Zeebs perform anywhere, or not yet?
Alyssia: Not yet. We’re going to start performing locally. We’ll start playing shows in January. We’re shooting to have our CD released in March. Probably do a CD release party in March as well.
Jenny: They’ll mainly be preliminary shows for our album release.

TLS: What can we expect from The Zeebs in the future?
Alyssia: Good music. Yeah, definitely good music.
Jenny: Fashion shows.
Alyssia: And more music videos. More interviews. A tour, possibly. Keeping it new. All new things.

You can see The Zeebs live this summer at the Backlot Bash!


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