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Community Spotlight: Karima Manouzi of Wakeup Call Tees

Tee-shirts and lesbians tend to go hand and hand. It’s a marriage that will probably never go sour. Karima Manouzi, the mastermind mind behind WakeUp Call Tees, knows all too much about this. The 25-year old Chicagoan launched the lesbian based tee-shirt website a year and half ago. Today celesbians, such as Romi Klinger and […]

Katherine “Kat” Brooks interview

The amazing Katherine “Kat” Brooks has contributed to the world of film and television by way of writing, directing and producing. She gave us such hits as Loving Annabelle and Waking Madison (both films she wrote, directed and produced). Kat is back with another film, Face2Face, this time a documentary. Face2Face premieres June 3rd at […]

Rocco Katastrophe Interview

It’s been 3 years since Rocco “Katastrophe” Kayiatos came out with his third full-length album, The Worst Amazing. He’s come a long way from competing in poetry slams, back in 1997, and touring with Sister Spit to becoming an accomplished rapper. His lyrics have a wide intellectual range, from politics to gender to education to […]

Community Spotlight on Jamie Jade DiGrazia

She was your favorite bartender on girl nights at The Closet, Circuit, and, most recently, Parlour. Now, she’s your favorite hairstylist at Milios Hair Studio (959 W. Belmont Ave). Jamie “Jade” DiGrazia grew up in the south suburbs and moved to the city as soon as she turned 20. She moved to Lakeview and began […]

God-Des & She Live at Berlin Tonight

You know all the lyrics to their song, “Lick It.” You’ve seen them on The L Word.  And, you probably fell in love with them after seeing the video for “Love You Better,” another one of their hits. Now you can fall in love with them all over again. God-Des & She return to Chicago, […]

Chely Wright’s Wish Me Away

Reeling: Documentary Centerpiece Sponsored by The L Stop Wish Me Away is a personal invitation into the upcoming days of country music’s first openly gay singer’s announcement to the world that she’s a lesbian. In May 2010, Chely Wright announced to the world that she is gay on the Today Show and in her memoir, […]

Nicole Pacent Stars In I HATE TOMMY FINCH

The very smart, funny, and talented Nicole Pacent will grace the stage of tellofilms’s live production, I Hate Tommy Finch. The story follows two females through childhood into their thirties, and closes in on their friendship all while growing up, coming out, and getting together. All of this while having it’s very own soundtrack of […]

Shannan Leigh Reeve Stars In I HATE TOMMY FINCH

Shannan Leigh Reeve is no newbie when it comes to acting and the tellofilms family. Her acting career began at a young age and continues to expand with multiple projects and roles. One particular project, which Chicagoans get to see firsthand, is tellofilms’s I Hate Tommy Finch. The play follows Alyssa (Shannan) and Stephanie (Nicole […]

The Shondes: Punk-Rock’s Little Jem

There are very few music artists and bands that I am captivated by with only listening to a song or two. Such artist/bands include Bloc Party, The XX, Elvis Presley, Adele and only a small handful more. After listening “You Ought To Be Ashamed” by The Shondes I can honestly say I was hooked. I […]

Love In Derby

The Chicago Outfit is #9 in the region, ranked #20 in the world by Derby News Network, and is playing in the top 10 tournament. The L Stop was lucky enough to chat with derby’s cutest couple, CeCe Painiston (#303) and Maul E. Hachet (#1031), of The Chicago Outfit. They met and fell for one […]