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Kim’s Engagement Story

On April 21st my best friend and partner, Andrea Moffat asked me to spend the rest of my life with her.  Perhaps I was a little naive to still be surprised when I had proposed the weekend before, but my heart jumped when I saw Andrea on the big screen at the Windy City Roller […]

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Coming out to my family was a great hurdle to get past, though I am incredibly lucky to have welcoming family and friends. Still, when I came out I was selective with my words. I didn’t say, “hey everyone, surprise I’m a lesbian!” No I would never say that, not even now. I don’t like […]

Lesbian Engagements: It’s Time to Tell Everyone

Once the smoke clears from your mind after the engagement happens and the high you felt from being so loved tames it hold on your chest…what’s the first thing you thing think about? Telling the world! You want to scream it from the rooftops and dance in the streets. That is until your realize you […]

Lesbian Engagements: Choosing the Ring

Although society, and quite possibly our parents, see most lesbian couples as being non-traditional, one traditional trend that continues to extend to lesbian engagements is the ring. Wedding rings began in Ancient Egyptian times. The circle was used to symbolize a never ending cycle and the space it makes – as a gate way. Betrothal […]

Lesbian Engagements: Vanessa’s Story

We at The L Stop will hold Sunday’s to the topic of weddings and family planning. We are continuing this month’s celebration of engagements with a story submitted by Vanessa from California who wished to share her story. March will be wrapping up the topic of engagements next weekend. If you care to share your […]

Tears in My Beers or Help from Above

I promised the story about my second engagement and, in a reality that is the only one that really matters. It was the last night of Pride. I was a mess. I had been bartending at the Backlot Bash where I was overly intoxicated from drinking during the parade and I made a huge mess […]

The Promise of a Poser or What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

I don’t know if it’s trending in the LGBT community, or if I’ve just finally struck an age where it’s just time for my friends, but it seems everyone is getting married. *Gulp* Including me. This article is just the beginning of my progress (and my crazy wiley desires to crumble the plans, shut everything […]

How much is your sanity worth

Engagements always start out exciting and new, but that feeling often wears off whenever the reality of all the responsibilities sets in. A wedding can be a logistic nightmare; between setting a budget, sticking to it, arranging for the venue, and catering, guests’ accommodation and gifts, etc. It’s not surprising that the ceremony is usually […]

Say Yes to Designer Dresses for Less

One of my guilty pleasures is If you haven’t ever heard of it and you tend to be an impulse shopper like me, you will now love me, or possibly hate me, for letting you know about this great website. Rue La La is an invitation-only website featuring a few select boutiques each day, […]

Tips from a Pro SaveOnCrafts

Whether you are planning your wedding or even just a fun, festive party, make sure to have fun décor that really makes a big statement in the room. Centerpieces and specialty lighting help set the focal point and enhance the overall theme of the party. High quality décor, at any event, makes a huge impression […]