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The Myth of the Magical Vagina: Beyond Todd Akin

Anaïs Nin once said, “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.” In light of recent events, it’s possible to assume that Todd Akin does, in fact, possess a magical vagina of his own and is just speaking from experience. Or that he is a serial sex-forcer (note: not a […]

Donations surge following Obama’s marriage equality announcement

By John Santore Donations to Barack Obama from Chicago’s most prominent LGBTQ neighborhoods increased dramatically after he announced support for marriage equality on May 9, an analysis of Federal Election Commission data shows. From May 9 through June 30, the most recent date for which FEC statistics are available, average daily donations from the zip […]

Breaking: US President Obama Announces Support For Marriage Equality

UPDATE: Moments ago President Obama stated that he officially supports same-sex marriages, becoming the first president to do so. Though supporting same-sex marriage in 1996, Obama changed his stance in 2008 with the presidential election, opposing same-sex marriage but supporting civil unions as an alternative. In the past few days, the country has experienced important movements- […]


New Year’s resolutions, I have never been good at them. I mean, as a kid 40-day lent was about the breaking point for giving up chocolate or something just as trivial. I think for some it is a great motivator, but for others it’s just a way to convince yourself that starting fresh is just […]

The Big Q

Queer. Either you love it or hate it, but it’s a word that has existed for generations and is beginning to take the early stages of reclamation in the LGBT community. Or is it? A few years ago, I decided to use the big Q as a way to identify myself, my community and the […]

The Ovary Office – An Introduction

I am just going to come right out and say it: I am not here to push politics down your throat, guilt you into activism, or judge you for your beliefs. Easy enough, right? I sat for hours thinking about how I could share all of my passion for social justice within our community without […]