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Queer & Jewish: Congregation Or Chadash

When Laurie Grauer describes the type of community she finds in Congregation Or Chadash she thoughtfully chooses the words open, caring, and family. Like many queer folk, Laurie grew up religious, “I was born and raised (Jewish), went to Orthodox school from grades 1-12 and attended both Reform and Conservative camps.” However, when Laurie began […]

Jesus Christ is Queer

How befuddled Fred Phelps would be if Jesus were to come out of the closet! Yes I know, if Jesus came out as queer I’m sure more than Fred Phelps would spontaneously combust. Technically, he did come out of a tomb at one point, but I know I would just be giddy if Jesus donned […]

Inviting Faith Leaders to the Journey Toward Marriage Equality

I recently reread the “Letter from Birmingham Jail” written by Martin Luther King Jr. when he was arrested for a non-violent demonstration for racial equality in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963. It is a fascinating and inspiring letter filled with courage and truth directed to those who needed to hear it. While the struggle for racial […]

Got Ashes?

This Wednesday marks a significant time of fasting and contemplation in the Christian calendar, Ash Wednesday the beginning of Lent. I know around this time my Christian friends become a little less fun to hang out with, giving up social media, going out to eat or drinking alcohol for the forty days leading up to […]

There is Rest for the Weary

This last year for the LGBTQ community has been one with plenty of drama, celebration and yes, even heartache. We witnessed the President of the United States endorse marriage equality, we found ourselves in the middle of heated state ballot battles for gay marriage, and many of us are anxiously awaiting the Supreme Court ruling […]

Pope Benedict and “Traditional Family Values”

Pope Benedict, leader of the Catholic church is on a roll; fulfilling last years new year’s resolution of becoming an avid tweeter (@pontifex feel free to tweet to him regarding your thoughts) and this week making 2013’s resolution early dedicating it to gay couples worldwide. In two separate addresses Pope Benedict re-vowed to make “traditional […]