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Actions Speak Louder than Words

Coming out to my family was a great hurdle to get past, though I am incredibly lucky to have welcoming family and friends. Still, when I came out I was selective with my words. I didn’t say, “hey everyone, surprise I’m a lesbian!” No I would never say that, not even now. I don’t like […]

Work that Ass, Derby Style

You may not have heard, but there is a new way to get a personal Derby experience in Chicago. Derby Lite! If you’ve ever wanted to get in there and roll with the Derby girls, but keep saying: “I just don’t have the time,” “I haven’t skated in years,” or “as much as I think […]

Her HRC: Ta-tas, Shimmies, and Laughs

Every year The Human Rights Campaign holds an event to gather women and celebrate the accomplishments of the organization as well as build a sense of community. If you haven’t already heard about HRC’s annual Her event then make sure you’re not missing out on this amazing night of sexy entertainment! This year Her HRC […]

Have You Heard, We have Gay TV in Chicago

Have you checked out Gay Chicago TV yet? Log on and catch up on the news, local comedy, and the thoughts of women in Chicago. As their website states, “Gay Chicago TV is a refreshing look at real issues, real people, and real communities for LGBTQ people in the Chicago metropolitan area.” The website was […]

Community Identity and a Legacy

The journey to one’s realization of their identity is unique and can take many different forms. There are many theories about the process of LGB identity development. Of course this process is different for everyone, but some researchers have tried to better understand the experiences of the LGB community by developing theories about the steps […]

Invisible Femmes

Recently I have been feeling the invisibility many femme lesbians experience. Not only are we invisible to other lesbians, but also to gay men and heterosexuals. I can’t even count how many times I’ve been in a gay bar and had someone make a comment either questioning why I was hanging out there or saying […]

Where Did I Leave My Label Maker?

Welcome to the news and research reviews!  I decided to start my blog with an article by the most well known female sexuality researcher, Dr. Lisa Diamond.  Some of you may have heard of her book Sexual Fluidity.  She has also written journal articles about how women label their sexual identity.  I personally don’t like […]