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There sometimes comes a moment when you are talking to someone and you get a flash. A realization. “This person is amazing”. It could be a lifelong friend or the new insanely hot chick at the bar you started to chat up. You may look around searching the faces of the people around you to see if they, too, have come to this realization.

I’ve had that flash, and you lucky folks are getting the opportunity to help on one impressive quest being undertaken by an equally impressive woman. I’m calling her out, on an international scale, and she has not the slightest clue this is being written. Which gives me a completely un-altruistic pleasure, as I imagine she will blush a deep shade of red upon reading this publication. To which I say: too bad. Suck it up. You’re awesome, people want to help make your dream a reality.

Field Station Mountain View

Field Station

There is this woman, who for all intents and purposes is what we like to call “the whole package”. But I’m not going to talk about how insanely hot she is, or how funny, or clever. Or how her ties coordinate with her shoes. I’m going to explain what’s she’s planning and how we, as a community, can pull together and help. Her name is Dr. Jessica Hazel, and although she is already a bonafide chiropractor she is in the final stages of completing her second doctorate, this time in Naturopathic Medicine (I know, hold your reactions and applause until the end of the article). In addition to generally making everyone’s life happier during her social time, she works in a learning clinic and treats patients every day for an affordable fee. She gives adjustments to basically every friend she makes, for free. Because she really does believe in the power of touch, of improving lives through natural means and not relying on medicines when possible.

She has been developing this nagging feeling that she isn’t doing enough for our wider, global community. It’s not always about helping our locals (no matter where “local” is to you). So she signed up to do a trip with Natural Doctors International (think, Doctors Without Borders but for Naturopaths). Come April, she is embarking on an adventure to Ometepe, Nicaragua where she will be a part of a medical team providing treatment and support to the (mainly indigenous )people who make their living as subsistence farmers or leading small tour groups up one of the two volcanos on the island. She dropped a significant amount of money down for the deposit. She is taking time off school and work. This is not a sponsored trip, either privately or through her university. In fact, she had to fight to take the days off.


Wildlife in Nicaragua

Each doctor is responsible for paying for their own travel, for bringing a substantial quantity of medical supplies for the group to use, for providing a stipend to the wonderful family that will be housing them. This is not a hotel-trip. In fact, there isn’t a hotel on the island at all. I’ve been to this island. It’s beautiful. But the goal is to connect to the people, help them where they can be helped, listen to their stories, and learn. To help blend our global community into a larger family. All in all, each doctor needs to raise roughly $2000.

Now some of you readers know me, and you’ll just trust my judgment when I say this is worth it. Those of you who aren’t familiar with my loud mouth, obnoxious dancing, and impeccable people skills will just have to go with it. I’m kind of awesome. So when I say I am inspired, I am astonished, I am flabbergasted, it’s generally a pretty good clue that something truly awe-inspiring is happening.

So help donate. It’s a small non-profit. They have ONE MONTH to raise the funds. It’s tax season people. Donate and claim it. Any amount. College kids, save the $10 you would have spent on a 24 pack of beer (Side note: $10 will never buy you 24 cans of ANY beer worth drinking). Professionals, forfeit your daily Starbucks fix and donate the $50 you save (and reevaluate maybe buying your own fancy coffee maker, eh?)

Field Station

Field station in Nicaragua

We can’t all do these grand gestures of global love. We aren’t qualified, or our bosses suck, or we have families, pets, hate insects, etc. But we can all help. We can push these dreams into reality and support those who are taking up the mantle. Every superhero needs backup. Be a part of the team. Push forward a dream. Make a new friend.

It doesn’t hurt that you’ll gain the gratitude of an extremely attractive doctor who lives near you, either.

Whatever motivates you, I don’t judge.

Guest blog written by: Leah Schein
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