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CMSA Women’s Fall Football Kicks Off

The dew was crisp and the air was fresh. The sun had risen with the sleepy eyed teams unlucky enough to be assigned the 9am slot. With belts buckled, the first whistle blew, and the CMSA’s fall Flag Football season had officially started on Sunday, September 11th.

This year, 26 teams have signed up for the all women’s flag football league. While this number is down from previous years, it still means that there are over 200 women that take the field each sunday between 9am until around 3pm. There are 3 divisions, with the most competitive at A level while the “just for fun” teams tend to play at C. When asked about her team, Bethany Minor of the Hustla’s (division C) echos the feeling of the C level: “We are a high energy group that care a little more about the camaraderie than the wins, although wins are good”.

Not only do women gather to play, but many women gather to watch the games. According to Bethany, “There are usually a lot of fans, especially family members, including kids and all, of the non gay variety.” There is also plenty of opportunities for socializing after games. “Spyners generally has food every Sunday […] we just roll through there all day on football days,” Bethany says.

Of course, since this is a lesbian football league, there has been ample opportunity to meet both friends as well as ‘special lady friends’. While Bethany hasn’t had one herself, she does provide an example of opponents who ended up together. “This really shy rusher ended up with the quarterback of the opposite team, which was ironic since she was always trying to sack her”.

Be sure to catch the second week of CMSA’s Women’s Flag Football this weekend from 9:00am – 2:40pm at Warren Park. The game schedule for all of the teams is posted on the CMSA website.

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  1. I was one of those crazy people out there yesterday with camp chair and umbrella – hot coffee in hand watching some amazing women play an intense game!! Will be back for more next week!!

    Posted by K Guzman | September 26, 2011, 10:35 am

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