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Missed On Our Gaydar: Same sex marriage coming to France, 15 inspiring religious leaders

Making Progress Exciting: The first same-sex marriage in France will happen in December! More marriage news: trans lesbians wed in Britian Married gay and lesbian service members sued the government Jamaica sodomy law to face its first legal challenge 15 inspiring LGBT religious leaders Scottish students urged to back gay marriage proposals Singaporean LGBT website […]

Missed On Our Gaydar: Ally Week, Spirit Day, Zachary Quinto Came Out

Ally Week It’s Ally Week this week! We are incredibly thankful to all of our allies in the LGBT community. Thank you for loving us, for supporting us, and for fighting with us for our rights. Thousands of students in the US and 9 countries pledged to be allies to anti-gay bullying. Students on Prairie […]

Missed On Our Gaydar – National Coming Out Day, Gay Rights Pioneer Passes In His Sleep

Happy National Coming Out Day! National Coming Out Day was on Tuesday, October 11th. Did you come out of the closet for the first time? For the nth time? Did you follow this year’s Facebook trend in rainbow-izing your profile picture? We want to know! Sound off in the comment area! Ke$ha came out with […]

Missed On Our Gaydar – Pride parade gets a new route, JD Samson is worried about her financial future

On The L Stop We’d like to thank all our fans and friends once again for supporting on Saturday, as well as Minibar for hosting. Emily and her chosen date, Jennie, will be having dinner and a movie, on us. Shannon Ennis asks our contestants “Which ‘L Word’ character represents you best?” Our contestant says […]

Missed On Our Gaydar – Dating game with the L Stop, military chaplains can now marry gay soldiers

On The L Stop Happy October!! It’s been approximately 5 months since The L Stop website went live, and we are so happy that you’ve stayed with us throughout this time. Tonight, we’re having a fundraiser event at Minibar on Halsted starting at 7:30pm. Please show your support for us and stop by. $10 Cover […]

UK lifts ban on gay blood donors, Kaleidoscope, TV shows how gay kids come out

Making Progress Last week, we reported that the UK lifted its ban on gay men’s blood donation. It looks like Canada may follow suit. Even former presidential hopeful Sen. John Kerry said this is something he’d rather we be leading than following. Yes, I think we can all agree with that statement. Kaleidoscope is a […]

Tammy Baldwin, ban on gay blood donors, online HS for LGBT

Making Progress Openly lesbian Rep Tammy Baldwin to run for Senate seat in Wisconsin. The ban on gay blood donors may soon be lifted in the UK. My home state is awesome: Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that will make it illegal for California to award contracts of more than $100K to anti-LGBT companies. […]

Missed On Our Gaydar

In the Gayborhood There was a fire near 800 W Cornelia this past weekend. The Caribou Coffee on Halsted and Cornelia are taking donations for the fire victims. Please donate! Making Progress Nebraska Supreme Court ruled that a lesbian mom can seek custody of a child shared with the birth mother! Needs Action As you […]

Missed On Our Gaydar

Happy Women’s Equality Day! We won the right to vote 91 years ago. We are thankful to the activists that put their lives on the line for us so that we can vote on important issues such as civil rights, marriage equality, reproductive choice, etc. On The L Stop One of our photographers, Amanda Adlesick […]

Missed On Our Gaydar – The L Stop Launch Party Fundraiser, Cuba’s first queer wedding, Mexico City hits a mile stone

Party with The L Stop! The L Stop will be having a fundraiser on September 1st at Parlour on Clark. We will be raising money for our launch party that will take place in the fall. We are looking forward to celebrating the success of our website with everyone who has helped us along the […]