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ResolutionsHappy New Year girls! I hope that all of our readers enjoyed a fun and safe New Year’s Eve. Like many of us, we’ve already made or started resolutions for the New Year. Before you commit to those 2013 resolutions, think about this for a moment. What if this year instead of resolving to lose a certain amount of weight, you commit to gaining something? What if 2013 was about obtaining a healthy lifestyle or a faster 5k time? From the clients I’ve worked with, the thing that separates the successful clients and the rest is commitment. This doesn’t mean they never ate a cookie. It simply means they made a commitment to themselves to change their lifestyle. It is very tempting to fall into the pitfalls of the ‘temporary’ diets. These fad diets don’t work because most of them are unsustainable for the average American. Most who go on these diets gain the weight back. This should come as no surprise why every NYE the resolution stays the same; weight loss. How about this resolution, “In 2013 I will make the changes necessary so that my next NYE resolution won’t be weight loss.” Here a few quick tips on how to make 2013 the year of new you.

If fitness is your goal:

1. Sign Up for a Race

Having a deadline approaching will provide the motivation to get moving! Signing up with a buddy also makes it easier to keep each other in check.

2. Log Gym Time

Marking on a calendar each time you visit the gym is a great way to visually keep yourself in check. Another incentive is that some employers have a wellness program that offers to pay part of the membership for a certain amount of visits.

3. Take a real before picture

If you’re looking to make a big change, you must record your progress. Having a realistic look at yourself however painful will help keep you motivated. Keeping records are crucial for success and measuring progress.

If nutrition is your goal:

1. One at a time

A good way to eat more vegetables is to slowly introduce more into your diet. The goal is for these changes to become habits. Introducing one at a time helps insure you won’t give up completely.

2. Substitute

An easy way to cut your favorite junk food out of your life is to replace it. Replace a Redbull for low-carb Monster, your bag of pretzels for a serving of mixed nuts, and your diet soda for vitamin water.

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