Photo Review: Local artist Sami Grisafe, live from Wrigleyville

Once again, Sami Grisafe sets the stage on fire. Her sultry rock tones exploded straight from the base of her lungs into the hearts of audience-goers this past Friday at Cubby Bear, and it was a privilege (as always) to experience. This girl knows how to put on a serious show, and like all things great in this universe, she just keeps getting better with time. Upbeat and booty shaking, the incredibly diverse crowd got treated to classic hits and mashups alike, including an eerily ethereal Janis Joplin cover. Virgin attendees paused in awe at the vocal power projected from in front of them while veterans looked on with pride…it’s no surprise, after all she fully admits her musical roots run deep; her mama and her daddy sure can sing. Straight, gay, tall, short…music is the great equalizer of our world. Accompanied by a band that absolutely rocked our socks off, the performance was epic. Scroll through some of the shots taken by the talented Lauren Kate McLenaghan , find your gleeful face in the mix or get inspired to never miss a single upcoming show. She’s on hiatus from our fair city while she takes a trip down south, but will return in November. Keep your eyes peeled for details! For more information, make sure to check out our previous interview, OR read the album review here.



About Leah Schein

Leah is a born and bred Chicagoan, and considers herself extremely fortunate to be raised by amazing liberal parents in Logan Square. Coming from a long family history of equality activism, the crazy world of politics feels like home to her. Her upbringing allowed her to fully appreciate her love of tacos, and provided the support needed to be independent and insane. She is a happy survivor of the public school system, all the way through her undergrad years, culminating with a BA in anthropology. Her love of travel and all things adventurous led to the pursuit of a Master of Science from sunny ol’ England, where she happily grasped a conservation degree and ran off to live in a number of rain forests to research nocturnal primates. Through the amazing diversity she was fortunate to be raised amongst, she has an unwavering appreciation of all cultures and peoples, and has used this to form the foundation of her outspoken support of civil rights. You may have seen her running around Boystown/Tuna town over the last decade, or at events she volunteers at for the Human Rights Campaign. It’s possible you spied her at the Silent Film Festival. That strange woman getting into a wrestling match in the leaves on Foster Ave beach at 3am…that definitely wasn’t her. She couldn’t be more excited about sharing her love of science, and it’s role in our daily lives, with the community she loves. Nerds are cool, people. They drink martini’s too.


2 Responses to “Photo Review: Local artist Sami Grisafe, live from Wrigleyville”

  1. Sami you rocked it again girl, you just keep getting better and better!!!! Can’t wait to hear ya rock our Stage. Nov. 17th@ Parlour on Clark!!!

    Posted by Christine | October 15, 2012, 12:44 pm
  2. there’s only one response to that comment and it’s YES YES YES.

    Posted by L | October 18, 2012, 12:01 am

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