Fortune Feimster does Chicago Pride and Back Lot Bash Comedy Kick Off

Once upon a time there was a girl named Fortune. She grew up to be a stand up comedienne and a writer for the one and only Chelsea Lately Show. She is an amazingly chill woman who is as busy as busy can be – but she took some time to talk with me as she navigated that early morning LA traffic. It was my lucky day….

LS – When are you getting to Chicago?!

Fortune – I get in Thursday afternoon (June 21st) I can’t wait – this is such a great way to kick off the whole Pride weekend with a comedy show. The whole Back Lot Bash and Tello films folks have been so nice and supportive in making this happen. I get to team up with Bridget McManus and make people laugh.

LS – That’s right – how did you and Bridget meet?

Fortune – We actually met doing stand up – like 4 years ago. When I first got to LA and started doing stand up – it took me like a year to get into the Gay scene and comedy shows. I was a little intimidated when I first met Bridget cause she was like the Queen of the Gay Shows (ha-ha). I chatted with her wife Karman and just felt so welcome. And it seems like once you are in the scene – you just start meeting so many people. The gay standup scene is such a small community – but it is unbelievably nice and supportive – people aren’t out there trying to undercut you but rather build you up – it is really cool.

LS – And now you and Bridget get to do Chicago together!!

Fortune – Yeah is it kind of funny because over the past couple of years Bridget and I have become such good friends. And we are both getting so busy that hanging out is not as easy as it used to be because our schedules can get crazy. So – it is funny that we will be seeing more of each other in Chicago than we have been seeing of each other in LA.

LS – Have you been to Chicago before?

Fortune – I was there back in ’06 for the Gay Games. I was playing softball. But you know, when you go somewhere with a team or a group – you don’t really get to see the city. I am excited to explore Chicago – it will be nice to be out and about on my own and see the city.

LS – So – this is your first Chicago Pride….

Fortune – It actually is. I have been to San Francisco Pride and Seattle Pride, believe it or not (haha) – but never Chicago. My old roommate just moved to Chicago like 6 months – no – like a year ago – and it will be good to see him. I am gonna drag him down to the parade, he is a “straighty” – and we are going to take it all in!!!

LS – We met earlier this year at The Dinah – what did you think of that?

Fortune – It is just crazy there. My work takes me so many places now – and the Dinah was one of those places. I am naturally such a chill person really and that place just forces me to come out of my shell I think. I am just in awe people watching.

LS – Well – you looked like you were just chilling having a good time

Fortune – ha-ha – well I am glad my body portrays one thing cause my mind is going crazy!! It is just so not my normal life. But Gay people love the show (Chelsea Lately) and it just gets so overwhelming – but we are all so appreciative. People coming up to me taking pictures and being so supportive. It is really just so great and all I can say is “Holy Cow” sometimes.

LS – Speaking of the show – saw you hosting while Chelsea was out with her knee surgery – how was that?

Fortune – It was literally the coolest thing I have ever done. The fact that Chelsea asked me to do this was such an honor. She entrusted her show to me – and I am the newbie on the team. I had so much fun doing it. When I first started with the show in 2011 I was so intimidated – but everyone is just so accepting. It is just so cool to be surrounded by so many creative people every day. It is also a good thing to like the people that you work with!!

LS – I just love your Hooters girl – Darlene Witherspoon – she just cracks me up…

Fortune – ha-ha – yeah – I guess I should be a little more self conscious about how I look sometimes but I don’t know – I just put on the costume and get lost in it I guess. My training is in acting (Fortune is a member of the prestigious Groundlings Sunday Company) but thank God I can write – cause it pays the bills!!

Fortune was walking into work as we spoke and had to make a stop at the Coffee Bean for her breakfast of champions – an iced coffee and some cheese Danish. Fortune laughed at herself and said she just embraces herself the way she is and everyone else should do the same. She was laughing and telling me I should see the place – it was hopping. I started laughing as she changed her voice into a sweet flirtatious thank you to whoever the lucky person was behind the counter. It was the fastest 30 minute conversation I have ever had – they say time flies when you are having fun. Fortune definitely makes the time fly.

Visit Fortune’s website to learn more about this amazingly genuine performer.

See Fortune on Thursday, June 21, 2012 at Mayne Stage as she opens the Chicago Pride weekend with Back Lot Bash. Click here for tickets!

Check out Chelsea Lately every night on the E network.

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