Lesbian Engagements: Vanessa’s Story

We at The L Stop will hold Sunday’s to the topic of weddings and family planning. We are continuing this month’s celebration of engagements with a story submitted by Vanessa from California who wished to share her story. March will be wrapping up the topic of engagements next weekend. If you care to share your engagement story please submit it by Friday March 23rd. Please email it to And now, the engagement story of Vanessa and Alaine…

When my wife and I first got together 8 years ago, marriage was not on our minds. Maybe it’s because we were both married before. . .to men. Or maybe it’s because it wasn’t even legal in the state of California. Flash forward 6 years and the whole idea of marriage began to creep into our brains. Would we want something traditional? Something private? Who was going to propose to who? Actually, the last question was not really a question at all.

I had repeatedly stated, “If you want me to marry you, you are going to have to propose to me”.

She protested this point, stating the obvious unfairness, but her protesting only lasted about a minute. She agreed that she would be the proposer and I would be the proposee.

It began when I went ring shopping with my mom, just to get an idea of what style I wanted. I found my ring soul mate and sent a text of it to her.

She replied, “Put that baby on layaway!”

This whole proposal was working out great for me so far. We were approaching our 6 year anniversary and had booked a room in the local super fancy hotel in the beach town where we grew up. When we got there, we found out our room had been upgraded to an oceanfront room. I was pleasantly surprised by this fortuitous upgrade, since we would never fork over the dough for that normally. I opened the door to our room and there were fresh yellow flowers and flower petals all over the bed and room. There was a plate of chocolate covered strawberries with “Happy Anniversary” written in chocolate. As naive as it sounds, I was really starting to be impressed with the hotel staff at this point.

Now, I’m sure you are thinking, “Duh, you are about to be proposed to”. Every sign indicated as such, so of course one would think that. However, I didn’t think that. Before you roll your eyes, know that there is a tiny bit of background as to why I was in the clueless dark.

I handle the finances. She makes way more money than I do, but she happens to be the worst handler of money, so I manage everything. I had sent out a couple of ring payments at this point, but we were nowhere near paying it off. So…I thought I knew for sure that she would not propose until the ring was paid off. Do you understand why I was not expecting this to be the big night?

We got dressed and headed towards the wine and cheese restaurant at the hotel. After a couple of flights of cheese and wine, I was trying to decide if I wanted a chocolate flight for dessert. For whatever reason, our waitress disappeared. Then my wife started getting all antsy and was being bombarded by texts messages. We both have a text addiction so it was not that unusual that she was texting during our anniversary dinner. (Don’t judge.) Finally, we get the bill paid for and she suggests heading back to the room. I thought she was being pretty urgent about this, but I was thinking either her stomach was upset from having cheese and wine for dinner or I was about to get lucky.

Upon entry, I noticed the room suddenly had an ice bucket with a bottle of bubbly in it and two wine glasses from the hotel. Also, there was a second ice bucket and a second bottle of bubbly and two more glasses. The second bucket even had my favorite brand of champagne. I was blown away by what a stupendous job the hotel was doing.

I was slightly perplexed at the two bottles, but she said, “Maybe our friends ordered it”.

A perfect explanation. Again, don’t judge me here. I literally had no idea what was going on. I was taking everything at face value and giving a ton of credit to the hotel. (In my defense, it is a super fancy hotel.) We opened one of the bottles of champagne and poured ourselves a glass. It was dark and windy outside and she suggested going out on the balcony with our drinks.

I was pretty well fortified against the cold, thanks to my wine from dinner, and I was feeling adventurous, as well. We stepped out onto the balcony, which was facing the ocean. She put her arm around me so we could huddle together and keep each other warm. It was amazing to see, hear, and smell the ocean below us. We both stood there and stared for a little bit, taking it all in. Finally she says, “Look over there”, while pointing a little ways down the beach.

I dutifully complied and I saw the words “MARRY ME” glowing from the sand. My very first thought was, “Oh, how cute. Somebody is getting engaged tonight!”. Then, wait for it…I swiveled around to face her and I said, “Beauty!” and I promptly burst into tears.

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  1. What a beautiful story!

    Posted by Chelsea | March 19, 2012, 12:52 pm
  2. I absolutely adore this story.

    Posted by Lacy Telles | March 19, 2012, 4:29 pm
  3. This story is so beautiful it literally made me burst into tears!

    Posted by Anon | February 24, 2016, 11:32 pm

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