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Chicago is brimming with comedic genius and I have had the good fortune to interview fellow comedian Candy Lawrence. Her curly hair and wide grin are captivating both on stage and off and I especially appreciate her tag line, “Candy Lawrence, more like Comedy Lawrence”.

Tamale: When did you first know you wanted to do comedy?

Candy Lawrence: I went to Niagara University for Theatre and a teacher there suggested that I take improv classes at The Second City.

T: How long have you been at it and in what forms?

CL: Eight years. Starting with Improv, then sketch, and finally, stand-up. I took me forever to try stand-up. I was so intimidated by it.

Photo by Steve Stearns

T: What has been your scariest moment on stage?

CL: Actually, I’m not scared at all on stage. It’s the moment right before I go on that scares me/ makes me nervous.

T: What are you most proud of in comedy?

CL: That I did the Just for Laughs festival in Chicago and I was named one of the top 100 comedian in the Chicago Magazine.

T: What are two things that are not related to comedy that you love, or enjoy doing and why?

CL: Going to estate sells (I love rooting through other peoples stuff) and collecting miniatures (just cuuuuuzzzz).

T: Your biggest pet peeve about fellow comics is:

CL: I can’t think of anything. Anything goes in comedy.

T: What’s the best advice you ever got about comedy and who said it?

CL: Nothing is coming to mind.

T: Please name three people who have inspired you in a way that has informed your comedy. What makes each of them so meaningful to you?

CL: Maria Bamford is really weird and that gives me hope because I’m very weird. Amy Sedaris because she is so very committed and she does not hold back. Aaaaaand Carol Burnett just because she’s amazing.

T: Do you drink coffee, and if so, how do you prefer it?

CL: Yes, with soy half and half no sugar

T: Tell me about a particularly memorable gig.

CL: Queer show at Zanies produced by Adam Guerino. I kill in front of queer audiences.

T: Hecklers. We’ve all had one, or at the very least, seen them work their magic. Tell me your favorite heckler story.

CL: One guy tried to finish one of my jokes and I told him to get onstage and finish it. Then I put the mic on his table and walked off stage. It was hilarious and of course I came back and finished my set.

T: One more question. What was the funniest thing you remember as a kid?

CL: Playing a kitten Christmas album called Jingle Cats (on repeat) to entertain everyone at my sixteenth birthday. I’m such a lesbian. It was a hit. As an adult, it was probably this weekend when I was slow dancing to Whitney Houston in a wheelchair.

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