UK lifts ban on gay blood donors, Kaleidoscope, TV shows how gay kids come out

Missed On Our GaydarMaking Progress
Last week, we reported that the UK lifted its ban on gay men’s blood donation. It looks like Canada may follow suit. Even former presidential hopeful Sen. John Kerry said this is something he’d rather we be leading than following. Yes, I think we can all agree with that statement.

Kaleidoscope is a new independent, international pressure group from the UK campaigning for the rights of LGBT individuals around the world. Their main focus right now is tackling the rise of homophobia in Africa and the Middle East. We can see that a group like theirs is highly needed as a South African lesbian’s body was found in the trash.

But things are getting better in the Middle East, as evidenced by this report from Jordan.

Even the Reform Jews made an “It Gets Better” video.

Actress Kate Winslet tells everyone what a privilege it is to raise a family in an open and accepting environment.

Totally awesome TV examples of how parents can respond when their gay kid comes out. Now I just want to find all these random episodes of TV shows I don’t watch just to see these examples played out; Who’s with me?

The DNC elects their first trans member.

Speaking of trans, here is a list of the top 50 2011 developments in trans law.

Unfortunately, the repeal of DADT doesn’t cover trans servicemembers. More on the unfinished story on DADT here. Find out what it really means.

And we see that justice was served in Baltimore when a woman gets 5 years for beating up a transwoman at McDonalds.

The Dutch made a bold move to propose a change to a law so that trans folks will no longer have to undergo surgery before they can register their new gender.

A 10-year old transgirl was recently interviewed by CNN, and she reported that most of the bullying came from adults and that her peers have mostly come out in support for her.

Australia added a third gender option. “X” is reserved for intersex people whereas transgender people can use “indeterminate.” What do you think of this?

Needs Action
NC Senate passes anti-LGBT marriage amendment. Sen. James Forrester said that he has been pushing for this bill for the past 8 years. Really, preventing non-straight people from marrying has been on your mind for the past 8 years?? Have you nothing else to do?

Fortunately, we have people like Duke University students working towards marriage equality. On a wider level, we also have Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes is joining the fight against the NC legislature that is seeking to ban marriage equality.

Help raise $1000 for Asexual Awareness Week! Deadline is in 2 weeks, September 30th.

A married gay man received a very restrictive order not to leave his children alone with his husband or anyone else without expressed permission of his ex-wife. By the way folks, this is in Texas, where presidential hopeful Rick Perry is from.

Rapper Game wants gay rappers to come out of the closet and stop being on the downlow… because he wrongfully thinks there’s a high correlation between being gay and having HIV.

In Other News
More LGBT media to close: 365Gay and

On a related note, there are literary agents who’d pressure authors to make their characters “less gay.” Really, WTF?

Fortunately, there are still a few new media that are popping up. Take Body Politic for one. It’s a new column at Girl w/ Pen on queer bodies, law and policy. Check it out!

This week’s post has been mostly trans-centric… Worry not, bisexual ladies, we haven’t forgotten about you. Have you heard of Soapbox?

Play about Prop 8 to hit Broadway soon.

Have you watched any of these? Top 10 films about HIV. What did you think?

Fun Stuff!
Have you seen this? A gay rendition of “Bonjour!” in Beauty & The Beauty.

LGBT media is sparse, so we’re always on the hunt for new media outlets. New webseries “Husbands” sounds interesting. What do you think think?

…And The Ridiculous
TMZ said that the American Psychiatric Association reports that watching Chaz Bono will not induce gender identity disorder (GID) in young people.

And here, watch as Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly rip Dr. Ablow apart with “How many kids turned gay from watching Will & Grace, Doctor?”

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