Missed On Our Gaydar – The L Stop Launch Party Fundraiser, Cuba’s first queer wedding, Mexico City hits a mile stone

Missed On Our GaydarParty with The L Stop!

The L Stop will be having a fundraiser on September 1st at Parlour on Clark. We will be raising money for our launch party that will take place in the fall. We are looking forward to celebrating the success of our website with everyone who has helped us along the way. The launch party will be our way of saying thank you to the community that we love so much. Please join us!

Making Progress

Happy birthday Castro! Cuba had its first queer wedding! Almost every news source will comment that it’s Cuba’s first gay and/or trans wedding, but I think that “queer” may be a more appropriate word.

Mexico City performed its 1000th same-sex marriage!

Goodbye Husband, Hello Wife

Calls To Action

The 2012 Presidential Election is looming closer and closer. Click here to find out each candidate’s stance on LGBT issues!

New Jersey governor wants women to pay for our own rape kit. Sign the petition to dissuade him from further disempowering rape victims!

An essay on Femmephobia reminds us to love all of womankind, including the “sissy” ones (via Feminsting).

Call for writers! Submit an article on “Where in your life or work have you witnessed or experienced stigma around reproductive health and sexuality?” to the Stigma, Shame and Sexuality series hosted by Gender Across Borders, Ipas and RH Reality Check. Deadline: Sept. 2nd.

If the Montgomery-Duban family receives 100K “Likes” on Facebook, they’ve pledged to donate $10K to the NOH8 Campaign. We’re up to 38K as of this posting.

Fun Stuff!

Is it any surprise that even homosexual birds will form long term bonds?

Do you like to sing? Schedule your audition for Windy City Gay Chorus or Aria!

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