Missed On Our Gaydar

Missed On Our GaydarHappy Women’s Equality Day!
We won the right to vote 91 years ago. We are thankful to the activists that put their lives on the line for us so that we can vote on important issues such as civil rights, marriage equality, reproductive choice, etc.

On The L Stop
One of our photographers, Amanda Adlesick married her girlfriend, Katrina Miller this weekend! Congratulations ladies!

Our Casey Larwood turned 21 on August 20th! Time to party!

More Congratulatory Notes
Chely Wright married her girlfriend this past weekend! Wright was the Grand Marshal of last year’s Chicago Pride Parade.

Making Progress
Finally, Obama will recognize same-sex couples in deportation charges.

That’s good news because the Wall Street Journal identified an increase in the number of self-identified same-sex couples.

Allstate and State Farm to offer auto insurance discounts to same-sex couples

Going away for college? Here are your top 10 LGBT-friendly colleges to choose from.

On the same note, it’s nice to know that a growing number of colleges are trying to make their campuses more LGBT-friendly.

A new health guide, Freeing Ourselves, was recently released for transgender men and masculine-identified women of color. Check it out! (via Feministing).

A mother created an It Gets Better video. Powerful. Check it out!

On the same note, Illinois band Rise Against’s anthem for LGBT acceptance “Make It Stop (September’s Children)” has been nominated for 2011 Video Music Awards’ Best Video with a Message. Let’s hope they win!

A lot of us in the LGBTQIA community already know that bisexuality is real, but it’s nice to have our reality confirmed.

Elmhurst College will be the first to ask applicants about their sexual orientation. We’re curious– What are your thoughts on this?

Cyndi Lauper to open a shelter for homeless LGBT youth in Manhattan next week!

Needs Action
Hurricane Irene is coming. Here’s a new guide for shelters and transgender evacuees courtesy of National Center for Transgender Equality.

A case for why we need to make sex change surgeries more affordable: It is not cheap to be feminine.

GLSEN’s student ambassador from LA says that bullying shouldn’t be a part of growing up. We agree!

Fun Stuff

Cute video explaining marriage equality using salt and pepper

Ireland’s powerful (and sweet) anti-homophobic bullying ad.

About JT

JT is originally from San Francisco, CA. She graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in psychology, focusing primarily on gender and sexuality research. Seeking a change in 2008, she moved to Chicago, and what a change it has been! She can been seen walking and yelping about various Chicago neighborhoods. JT identifies as queer and bisexual, and she is currently dating a straight man. She has an unapologetic love for civil rights, whether it’d be for racial, gender, sexual, or political socioeconomic equality. Occasionally, she volunteers with Howard Brown Health Center to promote safer sex in Boystown.


2 Responses to “Missed On Our Gaydar”

  1. Regarding asking sexual orientationat college.

    This is good news as it could simply means we are getting away from the everyone by default is heterosexual society.

    Posted by Patricia | August 30, 2011, 2:45 pm
  2. I agree, but what if some colleges use it to discriminate against us?

    Posted by JT | August 30, 2011, 3:17 pm

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