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Creating Tolerance in an Intolerant Place

Pride month means neighborhood street fests, live music, and a public celebration of “it’s ok to be gay” in Chicago.  I, on the other hand, have had a very different kind of Pride month. Pride in the notoriously intolerant state of Wyoming takes the form of a couple of picnics (two, actually – one in […]

The Happiest Song Plays Last / The Fawz and The Goodman

I don’t know about you – but I LOVE this woman. There is an air of certainty, peace and confidence that exudes from her. She shares a smile that is quick and generous. Behind those wide eyes is a uniquely creative mind that challenges and engages those who spend time on her side of the […]

Interview with Zarinah Ali, Artistic Director at Realize Theatre Group

In the last couple of years, obstacles faced by queer youth have become a nationally recognized issue. From bullying to abuse to suicide, these themes have been on the mind of Realize Theatre Group’s co-founder Zarinah Ali long before the creation of ‘It Gets Better’. Ali and Taryn Smith founded the Realize Theatre Group in […]