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Time For An Upgrade

Cold and important. These are the impressions I took from the Chicago Rally for Illinois Marriage Equality this afternoon at the Thompson Center. I have plenty of trepidation about writing about political events… The thing is: I’m a dance writer. I wouldn’t consider myself the most inspired of citizens. I’m not involved and not even […]

Our Favorite and Least Favorite People of 2012

2012- what a crazy year. From the war on women in legislation to the victories of women in the most recent elections, we have had quite the battle on our hands. With the controversial always come the revolutionary and thankfully there was more inspiration than those that make the early activists cringe. As we reflect […]

Where We Are Now

By Kelly Cassidy State Representative – 14th District http://repcassidy.com/ The November elections were great for the LGBT community.  The wins locally and nationally said, without a doubt, that there’s no benefit in using “gay issues” as red meat in elections.  Four statewide referendums went our way, with voters in 3 states affirming marriage equality and […]

WE WON: Now what?

Landslide. They said it couldn’t happen. Putting gay marriage on the ballot; they said it couldn’t pass. For months, they tried to demoralize us in campaigns and say we can’t be openly gay and win public office. My fellow Americans, I bring you Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin. Wisconsin is blue. They told us we needed […]

Today On a Very Special ELECTION EDITION of Effing Dykes: In Which We Lose Our Shit Entirely

Hiiii canyon-yodelers ! Everyone take a really deep breath. Innnnhale…… annnnnnnnd exhale.   AGGGGGH IT’S NOT HELPING. OK I can’t. I just really cannot. *Warning*  This post is about THE ELECTION.  It’s not specifically about dykes or gaydar. (I mean, the election has everything to do with dykes in general, but stop here if you […]

Get Out and Vote

I wrote this piece 4 years ago before walking into the voting booth and putting in my vote for Barrack Obama. I will walk into that polling place today and vote for Barrack Obama – because I still believe that we need this man to continue to champion for equality and human rights for all […]

Why you should vote this Election 2012: The Numbers

With just a few hours before the presidential election it seems as though we have fallen into the exhaustion that is only natural after months of political ads, debate inspired tumbr accounts and call after fundraising call. At this point, the number of voters who are undecided is small, especially among the audience for which […]

Local and National Voting Resources

So you have gotten yourself all registered to vote and do your civic duty and you roll up to the polling place on Tuesday November 6th and BAM the ballot is like 3 pages long before you even GET to the Presidency. Whether you stay away from politics until the election or spend your days […]

Don’t want to vote? Think again

By Dalila Fridi Like many, I am ready for the 2012 Presidential election to be over! This campaign has lasted close to 2 years, and as much as I enjoyed the entertainment, I cannot wait to see President Obama’s name as the winner. I am not so disillusioned to think that this will be a […]

Democracy Burlesque: Where only the politics are naked

Want to laugh ’til you cry? Want to pass equal marriage laws? Want to do something productive for the election while you sit and drink and giggle? Then Democracy Burlesque is where you should be. Chicago is home to the world of improv and sketch comedy, as many of you know. We don’t mince words, […]