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Meet Tami Haukedahl, former Illinois State Trooper and owner of Hauk Fitness

I know this is the time of year when we generally put our workouts on the back burner as we push our way through the long lines to assure we get our Elf on a Shelf. I know we are supposed to be all merry and bright and indulge in the festive goodies that seem […]

Danny’s Bootcamp

There is a new option for keeping your summer fitness routine going strong.  Find your way to Danny’s Bootcamp at 5920 N Ridge (corner of Ridge and Clark) for a welcoming environment and a kickass workout!  The L Stop caught up with personal trainer and motivational guru Danny Sciortino to learn more about his program. […]

My Harley +Your Bike = Ride for AIDS and TPAN love

“At its core, Ride for AIDS Chicago raises as incredible amount of money. Those funds help insure that vital HIV support services remain available to the city’s most vulnerable population. However, what makes the Ride for AIDS Chicago so magical is that the ride inspires, galvanizes, and coalesces people of all ages, and all walks […]

One Rider’s Reflection on the Ride for AIDS

I was just one rider on the Ride for AIDS, a very small part of an amazingly good thing. The Ride for AIDS Chicago was mostly about raising money for HIV/AIDS awareness and services (and raise money we did, to the tune of nearly $750,000), but it’s about more than that too.  The Ride brings […]

6 Small Changes That Make a Big Difference – Part 1

Katie wakes up from another night of not nearly enough hours of sleep. Her life always seemed to have such a crazy pace that she felt the need to stay up late to catch up on things she wasn’t able to get to during “normal” working hours. She decides to forsake the gym this morning […]

Ride for AIDS Chicago, Sean Blay, and a Gay Ballerina

I spend the majority of my weeks in a gym, but for some reason Cheetah Gym in Andersonville feels totally intimidating. Brown leather on the machines, guilded mirrors adorning the walls… there’s even a water feature on the way to the locker rooms… but it’s hard to turn down a free training ride… This July, […]

Program Design: Designing the road map to your dream body

Hello old friends! I apologize for my absence as I have been interning at a sports performance institute in Florida. I’m learning a lot from some of the brightest and best trainers in the industry. One of the most important lessons is program design. “Failure to plan is planning to fail.” If you have a […]

New year, new you

Happy New Year girls! I hope that all of our readers enjoyed a fun and safe New Year’s Eve. Like many of us, we’ve already made or started resolutions for the New Year. Before you commit to those 2013 resolutions, think about this for a moment. What if this year instead of resolving to lose […]

Start the new year off with a workout

The holiday season is full of many joys and warm wishes. None of those joys however come from the dreaded winter weight gain. To avoid this seasonal pitfall and stay on track, try this higher intensity workout in your routine. This workout is meant to be performed with full effort and with little break time. […]

Why abdominal exercises won’t deflate that tire around your middle

What!? Only doing my gold medal abs routine won’t give me a six pack like Alex Morgan? Grrr. The truth about fat loss is that you cannot target where you lose it. Only two things determine how fat cells (triglycerides) shrink and grow; genetics and hormones. That means you can thank your dear parents for […]