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Baby got bust

Tailored Tomboy’s fashion post for The L Stop; for women who like to ride bikes, sing karaoke and discuss politics in style. This post is dedicated to the chesties, the busties, the booby mcboobertins who love their knockers but would prefer to control the movement of their fun bags while out in public.  From one […]

Community Spotlight: Karima Manouzi of Wakeup Call Tees

Tee-shirts and lesbians tend to go hand and hand. It’s a marriage that will probably never go sour. Karima Manouzi, the mastermind mind behind WakeUp Call Tees, knows all too much about this. The 25-year old Chicagoan launched the lesbian based tee-shirt website a year and half ago. Today celesbians, such as Romi Klinger and […]

From July to the End of September

Hiya, mons-fondlers! You know when you get a new magazine and you go through it, methodically ripping out all the little postcards? 80% Savings Off Newsstand Price! Give A Gift Subscription! Wow! First 3 Issues Free! Two years for the price of one! You know how you shake your new magazine open, rolling your eyes […]