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My Harley – Cure for These Chicago Winter Blues

This has been the winter to end all winters. Living in Chicago is such a blessing when the sun shines and the temperatures dance around the 75 degree mark. It is magical when the Cubbies play and Andersonville sidewalks flood with tank topped women and the street festivals pull one weekend into the next. I […]

The Untraveled Road

Guz Views – The perspective from our Senior Editor and word wrangler, Kathy Guzman. Just when you think the sailing is smooth – the gravy has no lumps and the light at the end of the tunnel will shine you into a better day – the curve ball you never ceased to hit right out […]

Are You Caught Up on Season One of Easy Abby?

If you haven’t yet watched the hottest new lesbian web series, Easy Abby, start watching below and get hooked!  We’ve all fallen for Abby as she stumbled through the series hooking up and avoiding finding love at all costs, but what will the finale bring for our new favorite lesbian character?  If you can’t wait […]

Friendly and Fabulous Farmers Markets

Those of you who know me know that I’m not just all about the arts.  I’m also a staunch localvore, and for me it’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Asparagus and strawberries are in season, and farmers markets are slowly beginning to come out of hibernation. I’ve heard just about every excuse against […]

Get Fierce About LGBTQ Homelessness

As the weather turns warmer in Chicago and thoughts of warm lake breezes fill your fantasies, the streets of our city will be filled with kids again — some with no place to go when the sun goes down. Homelessness in Chicago is something that many of us think of during the cold winter months, […]

Recommended Theater: Your Problem With Men at Stage 773

It’s the American dream:  the husband, the dog, the 2.3 children, the white picket fence, the soccer practice.  It’s what every woman wants, right? Not me and, assumedly, not most of our readers.  Maybe not Asun, either. Asun (the main character in Teatro Luna’s Your Problem with Men), thought the dream was for her, and […]

Top Ten Chicago Lesbians to Look Out for in 2013

For the second year in a row we called on our readers to nominate the outstanding women in our community who have been making waves in 2012 and are picking up some serious momentum as we work our way through 2013. From the activist to the artistic, the response was overwhelming. A huge year for […]

Fight for Foxy: Bring Her Murderer to Justice

Everyone, we recently lost an amazing ally and a friend and we need your help to bring her murderer to justice.  Lisa (Foxy Goat to her friends) was murdered in her home last weekend.  Foxy was a truly special person and this is a devastating loss to not only our community, but many others as […]

Artist, Performer and Ally Lisa Koziol-Ellis (AKA “Foxy Goat”) Found Murdered

Lisa Koziol-Ellis, known to most as “Foxy Goat”, was murdered early Saturday morning. The Coroner’s report states that she died from multiple stab wounds, and there are no suspects at this time. Police are unsure if Lisa was targeted specifically, or if her murder was random. Friends, fans and family are heartbroken over this tragic […]

Poet Marty McConnell releases Wine for a Shotgun

To the uninitiated, the world of spoken word may seem strange and sometimes daunting. Luckily for you, there is no better way to test the waters than by attending Marty McConnell’s book launch. Recently releasing her first book, Wine for a Shotgun, Marty will begin her tour here in Chicago. She’ll perform live with an […]