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Surviving Family Time Over the Holidays

While the holiday season is filled with gift giving and joy for many, some of us often encounter the gift of “best intentions” with friends or family that cannot reconcile their Christian faith with our sexual orientation or gender identity. Trying to set you up on a date with the neighbor’s son next door or […]

The Philippines and My World Collide

I look at these faces. Faces of people I have never known in a land that I have never seen and my heart screams with empathy. These are the survivors – the ones who made it – and in my heart so overwhelmed with the news and the reality of Mother Nature gone wild – […]

Differing Sex Drives: A Challenge for Relationships of all Stripes

A difference in sexual desire in a relationship can cause strain and stress for all partners. Sexual desire sits somewhere on a continuum for each of us, and ranges from very high desire to no desire whatsoever. While there is no “correct” or “healthy” sex drive, many couples experience pain and frustration when there is […]

Lesbians and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I want you to imagine the following scenario. Jill is in bed blogging on her laptop while her sexy girlfriend, Suzy, is reading on her Ipad. As Jill is typing away at the computer, she starts to feel a slight ache in her right wrist and weakness in her fingers. She shakes it off and […]

Common Reasons Couples Fight: The Saga of Right and Wrong

One of the most common reasons couples fight is because people in relationships often spend a lot of time and energy trying to explain why they are right. After a disagreement, the “who-was-right-and-who-was-wrong” aftermath can persist for much longer than the argument itself, and can easily become an argument about the argument. In this way, […]

The L Stop’s Fun Fall Favorites

We hope you all love fall as much as we do! If so you’re in luck! The staff here at The L Stop compiled a list of some of our favorite autumn things. Unfortunately, we aren’t Oprah so we can’t buy them for you all, but we will help you enjoy our favorite things by […]

How to Cope with Transgender Stress

Being transgender is hard. It is no surprise that transgender individuals experience a kind of stress that cisgender (those who identify with the gender they were assigned at birth) individuals do not. People who identify as transgender can and often do experience stigma, discrimination, violence, and internalized homophobia/transphobia. People who are transgender also are at […]

The LGBT Community and Addiction: There is Hope at New Hope

Did you know that the LGBT population is at a higher risk for addiction? This risk begins in adolescence where LGB youth have been found to be two to five times more likely to use alcohol and drugs when compared to heterosexual youth. Unfortunately, this trend continues into adulthood. Research has found that queer women […]

23 Cheap Summer Date Ideas

As the weather gets nicer we begin to liberate our feet with flip flops, open the windows to circulate the fresh air and make our way out of the months-long seclusion known as winter. From cozy nights filled with wine and board games we get ready for summer’s endless list of festivals, long weekends, Barbecues […]

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Guz Viewz – The perspective from our Senior Editor and word wrangler, Kathy Guzman. Sometimes we believe in the fairytale.   We don’t really want Santa to know if we’ve been naughty or nice – but we do want to believe in all the magic he holds.  Tink is really real and those Lost Boys will […]