Politics of Gender

Ever since I was a little person they made fun of me. I didn’t play with dolls. I threw like a boy. I wore construction boots. I never liked the frilly dresses. My Schwinn five speed was not a girl’s bike. I hated pony tails, ribbons and lace – I liked baseball caps, leather and […]

Prince Piece

He blew my mind. Over and over and over again he just blew my mind. I waited out all night to get third row center tickets – two nights in a row for the Purple Rain Tour. He looked right at me – I am certain he did – exchanging energy and getting lost in […]

Garden of Eve: How much does your ticket purchase help?

How has Garden of Eve supported programs at HB? Because women and transgender/gender non-conforming (TGNC) individuals continue to be marginalized in the larger LGBTQ community, Garden of Eve supports the work and services that these teams provide due to lack of funding. Garden of Eve helps supports sexual and reproductive health services at our monthly […]

Daphne Willis Does Martyrs in Chicago

Interview by guest blogger Lisa Cordileone Out singer and Chicago-native Daphne Willis will be in Chicago April 7th at Martyrs. Daphne took some time out of her busy tour to chat with us… LC: How did you get started playing music? What type of risks did you take getting started professionally? I have been singing […]

A Rigged Outcome—Why Bisexual Women Struggle In Lesbian Relationships

Within every lesbian community there exists a tale as old as time, a proverb as common as it is contentious: Bi women cheat, betray, and ultimately leave—never for another woman, but for a man. Like those who flee the tumults of city life for quieter and less complicated pastures, bisexual women may seem destined, in […]

Amy Kelly and St. Baldrick’s

As I begin to write this piece I notice some blue sky out the window. February in Chicago is not always this kind but I will take the sun shining through the bitterly cold air – for it reminds me that there is always something good to be found if we allow ourselves to see […]

Making A Fortune

Fortune is coming to town and that means we all need to get ready to have some fun!! Not only does she have a show at Zanies in Old Town on January 24th, but she is also hosting the annual CMSA Party at Joe’s on Weed on the 23rd. A whole weekend of wonderful Fortune, […]

The Choice Is Always Ours

In many ways the world is not that much different today than it was yesterday. There has always been hatred and discrimination, corruption and greed. There have always been struggles for power and dominance on this earth. The places the evil penetrates may change from day to day. The lives it alters are new and […]

Middle Ground

There is a silence in the room; an eerie, lingering void in the air surrounding me and it is holding me still. There is an unknowing, an uncertainty, an unwillingness and a question that I cannot seem to answer. I think they call this the middle ground. I find myself here and although familiar – it remains unrecognizable, […]

Because Love

I have a hard time understanding why I am such a complicated mess. Why the quiet times are my favorite times and the world overwhelms me again and again and again. How can I feel so much so deeply and ponder things so intently when they really don’t have anything to do with my day […]