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Whether you sing, dance, break, do slam poetry, or paint, here is where we feature our local talent. Do you know someone that belongs here? Let us know.


  • Local Talent

    • Poet Marty McConnell releases Wine for a Shotgun
      Tweet TweetTo the uninitiated, the world of spoken word may seem strange and sometimes daunting. Luckily for you, there is no better way to test the waters than by attending Marty McConnell’s book launch. Recently releasing her first book, Wine for a Shotgun, Marty will begin her tour here in Chicago. She’ll perform live with an accompanying band, making the poetry more accessible for those unfamiliar with her work.  For seasoned aficionados of either written poetry or spoken word, the launch party [...]
    • Community Spotlight: Lisa Caplan
      Tweet Tweet “It is through art, and art only, that we can realize our perfection.”—Oscar Wilde There is beauty in everyday life, but even more so when seen through the eyes of a true artist. It’s in the curve of the path in a public park, the sway of a flower petal, the shadows in an alley. Loosen your focus, art is all around you. As least, that’s how it feels for Chicago native and prominent ‘out’ artist, Lisa Caplan. It [...]
    • Sami Grisafe releases a music video for the song Atlantis
      Tweet TweetI have been talking about Sami for over a year now. Thinking out loud and sharing my very real belief that this chick is gonna break from this big city small venue life and rock the rock n roll world once and for all. I feel this way because every time I see her perform – she evolves just a little bit more. She gets stronger. She gets better. She took a Joplin song the other night and made it [...]
    • Paradise Found—Sami Grisafe’s Atlantis slams onto the airwaves
      Tweet TweetIf I have aural sex with Sami Grisafe anymore, I am going to have to declare myself polyamorous. With the dropping of Atlantis, Sami, Jaclyn Rada and Shannon Nicole have created what few artists seem to be able to capture now-a-days—real, genuine music. The album transcends common notions of genre and niche, bopping along from soul-wrenching lyrical numbers to upbeat-you-must-shake-your-rump-and-clap-your-hands reggae infused pop. There is an almost ethereal blend of country, blues, pop, rock and rhythm infused throughout this amazing [...]
    • Community Spotlight: Kat Fitzgerald
      Tweet Tweet Today marks a very sad day for our LGBTQ community and quite frankly all of Chicago. Our social events most certainly will not be as bright due to the absence of the familiar and lovely face of our own Kat Fitzgerald. One thing is for certain, we’re not going to look nearly as fabulous in our photos that will be showing up in future media coverage spreads. No offense to the rest of the very talented photographers out there. However, it’s a known [...]
    • Tamale’s 12: Spotlight on Gwen LaRoka
      Tweet TweetTamale’s 12 for 12 is a collection of 12 questions posed to one of Tamale’s favorite comics each month. I recently had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Gwen at the Mayne Stage as part of HER HRC. She kept the crowd rolling with laughter throughout her set, and closed with this physical bit about what it might look like if women adjusted themselves as freely as men do. It was amazing and you should try to catch one of [...]
    • Jackie Rada – Chicago’s Piano Woman and so much more
      Tweet TweetI noticed the hair at first and the perfect smile. But before I could digest any of the obvious – I heard the music. This girl can play. Jackie Rada can make playing that piano look as easy as peeling a banana – it is her gift – and she shares it with her audiences. She is a teacher, a student in the world of music and a dreamer. I think Chicago is lucky to have her – and I [...]
    • Tamale’s 12: Spotlight on Ever Mainard
      Tweet TweetTamale’s 12 for 12 is a collection of 12 questions posed to one of Tamales favorite comics each month. I originally met Ever when I was working at Second City. She was the cutest barista at Starbucks by far. We chatted about her wanting to do stand up comedy and now she’s a rising star gaining momentum and catching the eyes of those who know their stuff! It’s my absolute pleasure to introduce to you, Ever Mainard. 1. When did you first [...]
    • The Locals Interview
      Tweet TweetThis Wednesday, December 28th, The Locals, will be rocking out Lincoln Hall along with No Love For Linus. If you’re into some heavy guitars and alternative rocking fun times, you’re not going to want to miss seeing them live. I got to chat it up with guitarist/vocalist Yvonne Doll, bassist Christy Nunes and the lone dude in the group, drummer Kirk Snedeker, about their upcoming show and how decoupage is the new black. You can also check out their new song, “Bellissimo“, [...]
    • Hot Mess is a Guaranteed Good Time
      Tweet TweetThe crowd grew anxious as they awaited the band’s arrival. A slight Facebook invite mishap left new fans wondering if they would ever have the opportunity to see the band Hot Mess play. But the crowd stayed. Eventually, as the band stepped on stage for the the first time, the large crowd was eager to hear what they had to offer. Fortunately, Hot Mess delivered. The combination of voices and instruments lead to an irresistible combination. Most in the audience were [...]
    • The Shondes: Punk-Rock’s Little Jem
      Tweet TweetThere are very few music artists and bands that I am captivated by with only listening to a song or two. Such artist/bands include Bloc Party, The XX, Elvis Presley, Adele and only a small handful more. After listening “You Ought To Be Ashamed” by The Shondes I can honestly say I was hooked. I listened to the rest of their songs and realized that I have found my new favorite band. Their music is a hypnotizing fusion of punk [...]
    • Breathing New Life into Andersonville by Way of Local Talent
      Tweet TweetYou may have noticed the number of shops and restaurants that have disappeared from the face of Clark Street lately. Unfortunately, even Andersonville has been hit by the economic shrinkage all of America is feeling right now. One woman, is stepping forward and standing up against the decline in patronage of our local businesses and gay owned endeavors; she is introducing new gastronomic entrepreneurs to long standing artists, familiar spaces to DJ’s, and we of the masses to as many [...]
    • The L Stop interviews Diva Kai
      Tweet TweetDiva Kai is one of Chicago’s little secrets. She’s an up and coming singer/songwriter best known for her fusion of folk, rock, and indie-pop music. Her soulful tunes are written from her own personal life experiences. It is because of this that she is able to connect with anyone who lends an ear. Diva Kai’s music has something for everyone. So, if you’re looking for good music, something unlike the rest, then you must take a listen to the musical [...]
    • 8 Inch Betsy Interview
      Tweet Tweet You don’t have to be a fan of rock/post-punk music to be a fan of 8 Inch Betsy. You just have to like good music. That is what 8 Inch Betsy delivers. Their clever and heartfelt lyrics are relatable on every spectrum. You’ll find yourself singing the lyrics while waiting for the bus, grocery shopping, or in a meeting when you should really be paying attention. I can’t speak for others, but I speak from experience. With a new [...]
    • Interview with The Zeebs
      Tweet Tweet The Zeebs video “Rich Trash” The ladies of Lockeroom Talk, Alyssia and Jenny From The Future, have gotten together to form the duo The Zeebs. Their self-deemed “runway” music can be heard on their website (www.thezeebs.com), along with the music video for their hit single “Rich Trash.” This must-listen-to duo sat down with The L Stop to give us the 411 on their music and a little bit about who they are. The L Stop: So, what exactly is a Zeeb? Alyssia: [...]


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