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Val’s ‘Blue Ribbon’ Chili

Winter has arrived in the heartland, and if you’re looking for the perfect comfort food to warm your soul and fill your belly, this chili can’t be beat. If the way to your ladies’ heart is through her stomach, this stew will have her wrapped around your finger — at least until Spring. If crock […]

Reflecting on Dr King’s Legacy

My daughter was born on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and this year we’ll be celebrating her sixteenth birthday. To honor the day, my younger daughter, age eleven, will be performing with her choir at a diversity concert in celebration of Dr. King’s legacy. It’s a special day for our family, and as many of […]

Cardinal George, It’s time for an Epiphany

Every New Year’s Day, I brunch with the Gay and Lesbian Outreach and Support group from my Catholic parish on the Northside. This year, we were excited to talk about the news that our State Rep, Heather Steans (along with her colleagues), would introduce the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act as early as this […]

Wholly Family, the Windy City Performing Arts 2012 Holiday Concert

This weekend, Windy City Performing Arts kicks off its 33rd season in a holiday concert that’s sure to expand your interpretation and idea of “family” in a most enlightening and musical way. Guest artistic director Jeremiah Selvey leads performances of Wholly Family on Saturday, Dec. 1 at 8:00 p.m. and Sunday, Dec. 2 at 2:00 […]

The L Stop Team Gives Thanks

As we all gather together with our families of origin and/or our families of choice during this holiday season, we here at The L Stop would like to pause and express our gratitude to all of our readers and fans. Thanks for all you do to make this a vibrant, community-based resource. But our gratitude […]

The Red Menace

As the holiday season gets into full swing and your calendar is filling up with get-togethers with friends and family and epic shopping excursions — this is also a time of year to reflect on all that you are thankful for, and see if you have a little to share with those that are less […]

5 Halloween Fun Facts

Whether it’s ghosts and goblins or vampires and ghouls that come to mind, or costume parties and trick-or-treats, here’s a few things you may not already know about this much beloved Fall holiday. 1. It all started in Ireland. Halloween originates from the ancient Druid feast day of Samhain, which marks the New Year, on […]

Ten LGBT-friendly places to worship

It might be easy to think that houses of worship are off-limits to the LGBTQ community after perusing national headlines. But in our fair city, there are a surprising amount of gay-friendly options for exploring one’s faith of choice. If you need a place to start, here’s ten faith communities that have our community buzzing: […]

Dear Archbishop Myers

Dear Archbishop Myers, How are things in New Jersey? Weather been good? I just love this time of year. Sooooo, about that little letter you wrote that’s been splashed all over the interwebs. Um, sixteen pages? Got a little time on your hands, eh? Nice how you were able to fortify it with lots of […]

We are Traditional Marriage, too

These past few weeks, my Facebook newsfeed has been full of Chick-fil-A news stories and every time I turn on the news I’m hearing more from backers of “traditional marriage.” But what exactly is that? What is a “traditional marriage” anyway? At face value we hear that “traditional marriage” proponents support a customary or biblical […]