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The Gay Gospel?

You’ve always heard that Jesus never said anything about homosexuality, but you might be surprised to know that this is disputed among some theologians. While it’s true that Jesus never explicitly speaks about homosexuality — it was certainly commonly practiced in his day, and he would have encountered many homosexuals. In Roman sexual culture, men […]

What Kind of Atheist are You?

It’s no secret that I’m believer in a higher power. In discussing belief one day, a friend admitted that she’d never consider dating someone who wasn’t also an atheist; another friend wondered if it were possible for an atheist and a religious practitioner to date at all. With new research out showing that about half […]

Massive Religion FAIL in the LGBT Community

It’s been a full year now that I’ve been writing for The L Stop, often about religion and spirituality in our community. The recent Pew Research poll results that came out have me wondering who out there is reading, given that about half of our community identifies as “unaffiliated, atheist or agnostic,” a little more […]

Do You Recognize These Lesbian Man-Myths?

I’ve got something on my mind. And usually you’d be right if you guessed “women,” but this time, it’s “men.” I’ve been hearing some things lately that have stopped me cold — things that I’m sure many of you have heard. You know — the myth lesbians being a bunch of “man-haters.” But I heard […]

The “Clobber Passages,” Part I: Leviticus

“The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.” ~ William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice I’m guessing most of you don’t crack open your Bible’s for fun, if you even have one. And Leviticus? Rhymes with “my clitoris?” Ok, seriously, even if this stuff isn’t your particular cup-of-tea, I thought it would be cool to […]

Get Fierce About LGBTQ Homelessness

As the weather turns warmer in Chicago and thoughts of warm lake breezes fill your fantasies, the streets of our city will be filled with kids again — some with no place to go when the sun goes down. Homelessness in Chicago is something that many of us think of during the cold winter months, […]

Where The Girls Were

After a fairly warmish Spring weekend, my thoughts turning to patio brunches and the angst of the closing of a beloved community hub, T’s Bar and Grill — I wondered to myself where the girls would be this summer. No longer would I be joining the throngs of ladies in the back room or the […]

Queer Catholics React to Pope Francis

Social media sites were immediately abuzz yesterday, as the world watched Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio — now Pope Francis — speak the first words of his papacy from the red velvet curtained balcony overlooking St. Peter’s Square and the rest of the world. Here are a few reactions I received from LGBTQ Catholics: “There are a few […]

A Flood of Hope

WINDY CITY GAY CHORUS AND ARIA (WINDY CITY WOMEN’S CHORUS) PRESENT “A FLOOD OF HOPE,” A HURRICANE SANDY RELIEF CONCERT BENEFITING NEW YORK CITY’S ALI FORNEY CENTER FOR HOMELESS LGBTQ YOUTH As the visibility of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) people grows in our society, more and more LGBTQ teens are finding the […]

Goodbye Pope Benedict

Goodbye Pope Benedict, it’s been a rough 7 years. While more people around the world have fled the Catholic Church under your reign than any other, it’s also true that those whom have remained have stayed true to their consciences, not the dogma that you proclaimed ceaseless. We still cry out for a church that […]