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Interview with Sami Grisafe

Perhaps you’ve seen her perform at either Midsommarfest or Back Lot Bash. Maybe it was headlining at Double Door this past August. Or maybe, just maybe, you wandered into The Closet on a Monday or Tuesday night for a drink and were treated to some acoustic sets. Regardless of the place and time, odds are […]

Tamale Sepp and Brass Chuckles Comedy

Much can be said about Tamale Sepp. Her resume of activities and interests is long; burlesque performer, fire dancer, member of Dykes on Bikes, L Stop Writer…the list is simply endless. Her performances are vast and her travels reflect it, given that she has performed in many cities globally. Yet, throughout the years, one has […]

Queer Poets Robyn Bateman and Meg Waldron Perform Tonight at Homolatte

Robyn Bateman and Meg Waldron have begun their nationwide tour with a brief stop here in Chicago. While the prospect of checking out some out-of-town traveling poets might seem daunting to the uninitiated, their blend of blatant sexual references peppered with intellectual wit will be enough to put you at ease. Be sure to check […]

Interview with Wendy Jo Carlton for Easy Abby

Wendy Jo Carlton, a writer and director, is right in the middle of producing her latest project, Easy Abby. She took a moment from her very busy schedule to sit down and talk to me about the series, what it means to her, as well as its importance to our community at large. This fun, […]

Lickher Lesbians: Pumpkin Beer Queer Review

With labor day now past, we come to the slow and painful realization that summer is drawing to a close. To help ease the transition, we suggest you go out and try some pumpkin beer! The very thought of putting the large orange fruit into beer could seem quite repugnant to some, but I entreat […]

Summer Un-lovin’: Dealing with a Breakup Through Music

Ah, the summer time. Time for summer lovin’, right? Well, not always. The flip side of the coin, which seems to be avoided, is that the summer season also sees an influx of breakups. According to a Business Insider article analyzing breakups based on Facebook data, summer is prime breakup season. In order to get over […]

What can we learn from Rosie O’Donnell’s heart attack? Don’t google it.

Yesterday, Rosie O’Donnell wrote on her blog: maybe this is a heart attack i googled womens heart attack symptoms i had many of them but really? – i thought – naaaa  i took some bayer aspirin (Note – this is a snippet of a much larger entry) Luckily for her, she later went to the […]

The Real L Word, Season 3: Amanda and Lauren Interview

Two normal every day gals who are entrepreneurs working for themselves who happen to be Lesbians. Oh, and also they’re thrust into the lens of the camera playing out intense real-life lesbian drama from week to week. In chatting with Amanda Leigh Dunn and Lauren Russell from the Real L Word Season 3, that’s the […]

Megan Rapinoe – US Olympian, World Cup Soccer Star, and Lesbian

Megan Rapinoe is no stranger to the limelight. The former Chicago Red Stars player (until the WPS announced it’s suspension) moved on to become one of the key players from last year’s Women’s World Cup. This year, as she prepares for the Olympics in London, steps into a different light; the rainbow colored one. That’s […]

Back Lot Bash 2012 – Sunday

Sunday night of Back Lot Bash featured Hairbangers Ball, C-Factor, and was hosted by Nicole Pacent. Check out the amazing photos taken by Tina Cee Photography! You May Also Like: Back to blog