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Lipstick in the Kitchen: Berry Simple French toast

So she finally came home with you last night now its morning and you can’t believe she’s still there lying next to you, so now what? Make her breakfast! Show her you got skills in the kitchen too, you will definitely impress her with this fancy French toast. You’ll keep her coming back for breakfast […]

Veggie / vegan friendly Jibarito sandwich

The origin of the Jibarito, according to popular news sources, was here in our lovely Chicago, a native Puerto Rican adapted his restaurant menu to reflect his culinary roots. This sandwich is made with two slices of plantains instead of bread a garlic mayo, lettuce, tomato, cheese meat filling like steak chicken and pork. My […]

Lipstick in the Kitchen – Healthy Moroccan Chicken

Mouth watering chicken with an array of flavors and scents to tantalize all your senses. Food should be seductive to sight, smell, taste and at less then 300 calories per serving you can’t possibly go wrong. The key here is to just get in there and get your hands dirty. Smell everything. Taste everything. Enjoy […]

Lipstick in the Kitchen – Achiote Citrus Chicken

You won’t believe the amazing flavor in this dish the vibrant colors and aromas are seductive to say the least. The most complicated part is preparing the marinade. Your guest will be impressed as you open up the banana leaves to uncover the reds and citrus colors and watch the vapors and scent rise, their […]

Lipstick in the Kitchen – Fish Tacos

Yes “Fish Tacos” and I’m not talking about a Mexican lesbian. These tacos filled with seasoned grilled Tilapia, white rice, black beans, a little slaw for crunch, mango salsa, and chipotle aioli for a little heat, will impress any girl crush. With the weather getting warmer this is the perfect meal, refreshing, light and very […]