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Top Ten Chicago Lesbians To Look Out For in 2013

Ah, 2012. What a year you’ve been. Heartbreaks and heartthrobs, political smear campaigns and victories, lessons and learning. So much growth! So as you doodle your resolutions, let’s continue with a new tradition we proudly started at the close of 2011. Let’s look ahead into 2013 and highlight some of the movers and shakers of […]

Holiday Cocktail Recipes

‘Tis the season for family, food and…survival. In my world, that means a nice stiff drink. While it’s nice to muse over the notion of simmering pots of Glögg or the 25-hour long process that goes into homemade eggnog, sometimes you need something stronger and faster. I’ve scoured the internet and my liver and come […]

Interview with BETTY and Ticket Giveaway

If you think BETTY is just ‘that band that wrote the theme song for The L Word’ (love it or hate it, you know the words), then you are due for a rude awakening. For almost 30 years, Elizabeth Ziff, Amy Ziff, and Alyson Palmer have been rocking the airwaves and speaking their minds all […]

Winter Date Suggestions

It’s that time of year again, filled with the magic of snow flurries and rosy cheeks. Of burying yourself under piles of quilts and touching frozen toes against warm thighs. Whether you are lucky enough to already have someone lined up for late night entertainment, or if you’re on the hunt for fun ways to […]

World AIDS Day

December 1st was designated as World AIDS Day, the first international health day, back in 1988. Just 7 short years after the first cases were detected in California, the world stood up and recognized this as a global epidemic that needed increased awareness. AIDS, or the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is the last stage of […]

WE WON: Now what?

Landslide. They said it couldn’t happen. Putting gay marriage on the ballot; they said it couldn’t pass. For months, they tried to demoralize us in campaigns and say we can’t be openly gay and win public office. My fellow Americans, I bring you Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin. Wisconsin is blue. They told us we needed […]

Top Reasons to Have a One Night Stand In October

There’s always talk about summer flings and steamy nights spent on the beach; of the budding love that begins in June sunsets and fires right on through our sweaty 100° days. I say, bring on the drop in mercury! Autumn doesn’t get its fair due. Bonfires and sweaters, chilly dawns and epic leaf fights. Romance […]

Barbara & Barbara: A new location, same old awesome

Let me tell you a quick story. Last summer, I had strep throat. A horrid, horrid version of the plague of death and no health insurance. I also did not have air conditioning. So I was hot, and sweaty, and miserable. My fevered brain decided that making a pony tail above my brow line and […]

Photo Review: Local artist Sami Grisafe, live from Wrigleyville

Once again, Sami Grisafe sets the stage on fire. Her sultry rock tones exploded straight from the base of her lungs into the hearts of audience-goers this past Friday at Cubby Bear, and it was a privilege (as always) to experience. This girl knows how to put on a serious show, and like all things […]

Democracy Burlesque: Where only the politics are naked

Want to laugh ’til you cry? Want to pass equal marriage laws? Want to do something productive for the election while you sit and drink and giggle? Then Democracy Burlesque is where you should be. Chicago is home to the world of improv and sketch comedy, as many of you know. We don’t mince words, […]